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Some friends and I decided to try some home screen printing, and here are the first two shirts Ive done. Im still perfecting the technique, but soon I'm gonna try multiple color prints.

Sticking with one color and only simple-ish shapes is kind of hard, but they are still ok looking shirts. Also, once this ink dries and sets, it feels like a really nice print.

Anyone else tried this?

(I didnt design the robot one, got it from a stencil site.)

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So you are using Stencils? I tried this once a while back, but the stencils and contact paper I was using to mask off my areas broke down during printing.

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No I used a screen. You stretch a netting over a knitting hoop and fill in the negative space with glue. Its kinda like a stencil-screen combo, but it seems to work very nicely. Plus you can actually buy screen printing ink, not just cheap fabric paint.


if you are using screens with multiple colors just make sure to use registration pins so they trap right.or if you are using a laser scanner and a transparency with a light table to burn your positives make aregistraton marks to they all line up and youll be okay.may want to try doing a couple tests on some paper or something before shirts so you dont waste shirts.

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i print my own contact paper stencils at work, but they do tear up on removal, so it's a one time thing...which ain't bad sometimes, as long as it works. i hate exacto-ing out the same shit more than once...

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also, i use a good enamel spraypaint. don't skimp. still strong after like 100 washes now...


Didy you purchase your own screenprinting kit or just make it?


oh and you can also get this stuff called rubylith or amberlith.. you have to use an exacto knife.. so make sure you have good hand skills if you want to do it...


ive been looking at some screenprinting kits on ebay..awesome starter kits that i want in order to get some pocket cash here n there...

i havent done any screenprinting in over 14yrs! itll be nice doing it again.

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