Oooh! Velour

Rich. Soft. Luxurious. And in some cases, flame retardant. What's not to like?

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Corinthian Leather

Rich. Soft. Luxurious. And in some cases, flame retardant. What's not to like?

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

hahaha this would be great as a jumpsuit...a velour jumpsuit


it reminds me of coke :)

creative fisheries

Maltzmania, I love the velour jumpsuit idea!
Great design. $5


100% glamour


i hate the feel of velour. i refuse to buy anything made of it.


Ooh! Bordello Baroque! I have been told just now that this is the name for this style of seating. $5


that's funny.


Kinda looks like the Ford logo, too. I'd buy it, absolutely.


ha ha ha

Velvet Jones

A nigga be lovin valour!
83 Coupe Deville for the win! fo rill.


whats velour? the design is pretty dull, regardless of the fact that i have no idea what its supposed to be.


organicly, the artwork is a car seat. Car seats are often covered in velour, which is similar to velvet. If called "velour", the fabric has a knitted base structure. Velvet is specifically a woven structure.

The design is not dull, it's 70's ironic. Personally, I'm relieved to see a design that I can read at a glance, rather than having to study someone's chest for multiple minutes just to "get it". Most of the designs on this site have far too much going on in them.


The only thing I might like better in this design is if one of the seats folded all the way back. Ahhh...memories. Where was I? What the h*ll was her name anyway? I'll give you a 5$.


If it was just the seat(s) I'd buy it.

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