How Many Times Did Daniel Day Lewis Mention Dublin and/or Heath Ledger Last Night?

Since he can't seem to speak a complete paragraph without reminding everyone he's "Irish" or "Will be having a helluva party in Dublin" or any of the other desperate pleas for attention/adoration he seems to pull out his arse...

I coudn't stomach the Oscars after the first hour and a half and changed the channels.

Watch this

Nobody watches fucking award shows except homosexuals.


I'd get some help for your "issues" DUDE.

Your obsession with me is just plain weird.

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AHA! - fake account screw up results in said fake account's deletion -

so we have pussytourettes, J Bones, Sabana and saban2

who are you really?

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and pussytourettes2 and saban - thats six so far....


I'll betcha there's more than six. He's cooking up new ones , no doubt.
Imagine the insane amount of time it must take to sign up for six different email addresses, confirm them all, sign up for six different Threadless accounts, confirm them all, and log in and out of said accounts. And he accuses you of always being on.

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