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Scientific Optical Principle

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I like it on gray best....
For my personal taste (And this might be just me)
But I think if you cleaned up the design a teeny bit and made it a touch simpler, it would have a better flow/feel/balance to it.
However, it's a clever idea!

briancook profile pic Alumni

I agree with Oct sky, however it's not like you can really change anything now.


chengui, he/she can re-sub it later with revisions,

Paul Howalt

I'd buy the gray one Brian! - I still have my X-Ray Spex... even though they never worked THIS well. Nice to remember we're all pretty much the same without skin.


heheh X ray rule$$

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I actually like the fact that it's kind of busy. Makes me look at it longer. There's something about the angle that I find kind of awkward, but I love the graphics! Purple gives it a cool retro feel.


defo grey... and the purple if nice too... i would buy this...


sweet on purple


Good, clean, visually satisfying design, too bad it scored so low!

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