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tall and short

  • by talito
  • posted Feb 21, 2008

Watch this

love this one...maybe because i'm kind of partial to giraffes...who knows? the illustration is awesome!

Alpha Ryan

Your illustration is great but hate the text


Agree. I like the illustration quite a bit, but the text isn't working for me. To me, the font just doesn't jive with your style.
Keep in mind that ellipsis (...) means that the sentence or thought continues. Is there something on the back of the shirt, or something missing that would continue after "and short people..."? I'd try this again, but without the text.


loose text yes but drawing are neaT!

BakusPT profile pic Alumni

text is ok but another font plz.. Characters are great ;)


nice illustration! $$

Hero Status

awesome style, now we just need to find somethng worth drawing!


Why not just focus on great illustrations. You don't need 'ideas'.




you are really talented! :)

Simon Cowell

The illustrations are quite nice, the layout is a bit wonky, and the text could use some work. Also, it just doesn't have that wow factor. The idea behind the shirt design isn't that strong. Sorry.


has anyone mentioned that giraffes and crocs/aligators are both not people?

i like the illustration tho

The Paper Crane
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Im with the croc!
Great characters!!!!
A hand drawn font might have been stronger.

Your illustration is top notch! It has atmosphere and character, however, your type font does not. (therefore takes away from the illus.)

If its absolutely needed - hand drawn type!

Also the alligator shadow looks a bit more like excrement.. possilby a bit too dark?


maybe if youre gonna do text it should be like the same general concept but a little more poetic.


yo that giraffe is sick!

kaitykaits123 mean there are tall people AND short people???

hahah sorry a little mean, but yea nix on the text?


giraffes and crocodiles arn't people
they are giraffes and crocodiles
nice illus... you dont need a lame punchline to make it work!


need a differnt, more playful font.

jake barker

straight up lose the text. your illustration is fantastic, keep it up.


different text........please.

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