HOT TOPIC ripping off THREADLESS design!!!!!!

So I got an email from someone who found a RIP-OFF of my design Lil' Soap being sold at HOT TOPIC's website:


It was designed by "Newbreed girl" who seem to have an under construction website.

I've sent them a cease and desist email, and one to Hot Topic as well.

NewBreed girl's president responded to say that is was unfortunate but probably the cause of hiring freelancers to do t-shirts for them, which was the same response Todd Goldman gave about his stolen designs, coincidentally he also pirated this design of mine for some paintings around the time of the Shmorky controversy.

(as seen here:

I've still not heard back from Hot Topic about this, and the design has NOT been removed from their website.

If anyone wants to help get this talked about post this banner where ever you can think!


Personally it's really upsetting to me to have this design so blatantly stolen.
The pose of the soap, the pink colors used, the text on the tummy, even the fingers and feet are done in an extremely similar fashion.

A big company like Hot Topic cannot get away with stealing designs from smaller ones and the even smaller designer.

Watch this

also, natalie dee did something like that as well.


its ok because hot topic is fucking retarted


so stupid! sorry about this. I hope you get it resolved!

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I read about this on your blog, this totally sucks. Keep us posted on what happens, hope you nail the bastards!

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Ugh...that couldn't be more blatantly ripped off from your design. "I love your butt"...god, that really defecates on the fantastic timing and good-natured goofiness of your original wording. Now it sounds like a creepy pervy uncle is talking to you.


It doesn't even make any sense. Soap doesn't love your butt, but you do rub it on your butt. A word to potential threadless ripper-offers out there: A Threadless print CANNOT be improved on! They have been worked on by very talented designers and selected by a group of very critical people. If you make subtle changes to avoid obvious, direct plagiarism you will make it WORSE.


Email this to the Threadless powers that be-they have lawyers!

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comic sans!

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i thought i saw this somewhere in some other blog.
i think i saw craig or something saying that they had thier lawers going at it.

in the meantime, how about an erotic comic about you or thradless sexually abusing hot topic?

i think its a winner


looks like Newbreed Girl rubbed their integrity on their butt.


Ouch. Sorry that your design was stolen.

spacesick 2

lol @ random bump but I just got cookie loves milk today!


This ripoff is so ugly. I hope something gets done about this soon.


Death by... BUTT RUBS.


Be flattered :)


I hope Newbreed Girl gets sand in her vagina.


How dare they. I'm definitely going to raise heck!


that is such a ripoff. i luv hottopic but that is low


u could totally sue


Hmm, I'm late to the party. Did this get resolved?


yours is so much funnier by 1000%

Poodles McGee

Burn down, burn the hot topic Burn down, burn the hot topic

hot topic

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