The Only Way I Know How To Get A Girl To Love Me

  • by Drucker
  • posted Feb 18, 2008

Inspired by a certain Cusack movie and love. :D

Watch this

Inspired by a certain Cusack movie and love. :D


ahahah!! love it.

that would be the best thing ever.
Too bad they dont make ultra 80's boom boxes like they used to..


Wow! The perspective is so off. And it looks like he's holder a 6-pack cooler over his head (which is, actually, kind of a funny idea, given the title).

mezo profile pic Alumni

I throw cinder blocks through girl's windows ALL THE TIME.


Haha, thanks for the comments guys.


i want this! i do!


I love it!


its clearly not a cinder block or a 6 pack, it has a handle
thatd be sweet


This goes on my Top Ten Favorite T Shirts List...

briancook profile pic Alumni

"Then he started to get that know that look, dad?"

I see the doorway to a thousand churches...


Thanks all, and no it is not a cinder block, nor a 6 pack!

It's a boombox. :D

ruby soho

I think you need to fix the proportions and perspectives, and also make it a bit more clear that it's a boombox. If that stuff was fixed, it would be a great design.


fix the proportion of the boombox at least - altho i did laugh pretty damn hard at the 6-pack and cinderblock ideas...


i swear you dont love say anything way too much. let me get this shirt


Taking photos with a gigantic camera through a girl's bedroom window never worked for me.


yeah, i have to agree with some of the other people about the radio and stuff... maybe fix and resub?


I'm thinking if I added an antenna, it would fix all the confusion, haha.


But I suppose I can go back and make it bigger, that would help as well.


cool idea but i think it would be even better if there weren't those long strips of house on either side of the window. just the window, maybe further up the shirt, might be even more effective.


I love that movie and this shirt is very cute, but there should be some minor detail adjustments. as is 4, but be careful of copyright infringements.


at first i thought it was a camera and that the guy was taking photos of the girl while she was in the house. Stalker! But after reading the comments, things were clearer... phew!


dont like placement.

love the shirt.


ok the house needs to extend to the "ground" of the design, otherwise it just looks like its floating

second, you need to make it more clear that he's holding a boombox


Say Anything!! love it!! 5$


placement should be in the middle of the shirt though.


dont get it..


whoever thought that was a camera, or a cinderblock, or a six pack, is ridiculous.


Ok, I went in and did some changes.

Changed the proportions of the window, as well as the boombox.

Also added details to the boombox to further indicate it is a boombox.

So if you liked the initial design, despite minor set backs, then vote again when I resubmit!

Oh and also moved the design more into the middle/top right of the shirt.


I thought it was a camera too. I've never seen the movie. However, the colors are extremely pretty.

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love the colors and the lighting effect you did. I just can't say I'm a fan of this drawing, it seems off...
Also I think its a pretty basic concept that could use some work and be pushed further. That scene has been referenced a lot in pop culture so it would need a fresh take on it


Lloyd Dubler isn't a guy, he's a man.

tammy scumbag

i could live out the rest of my life happily without another reference to this damn movie. more original ideas please.


I'm gunna resubmit everybody, so the revised version'll be up instead of this one. :]

It's an homage, and good Tammy Scumbag, your name rings really does ring true.

Don't comment next time.


Really does ring true*



keep it up! i'll be looking out for your next submission


Perhaps add some music notes coming from the little radio.
Cute concept though.


i love this, please please pleeeeeease get it made!


awesome... I am totally impressed....I love Gabriel...I can't many people are jealous of such a brilliant idea.

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