Andreas Mohacsy's 4 most recent designs deserve everyone's attention - FOR REAL


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Watch this

no doubt. incredibly original techniques goin on here



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He's on FIRE!


this guy is a design GOD

$5'd all of them. the immortal coil is probably my favourite design i've ever seen on threadless.


He's cranked up the heat y'all !


Fucking MAD!!!


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I agree with some of these.

Andreas Mohacsy
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oh wow thanks for the blog helo... this is the stuff peoples do for designers like glennz, ross and hogboy not me:D

ps mezo is off of her head, their all perfect haha...

nah but seriously keep riding my like a pony so i can get better and better... i recently looked back over some really old designs and could trace your sometimes harsh but always honest and helpful commentary...

i remember very early on being like i no shit, who is this wench haha and had some awesome head butting occasions which only made me love you more, but once i started to listen you had some very good points and were one of the many but not so many people in my life that made me realize how little i actually knew about what i thought i knew.

i'm not surprised you don't like some of the designs and more particularly some elements of the above designs. funnily enough, when i now finish certain designs i now refer to them as mezo designs in my head and wait to see if you comment, and you usually do which knowing you now that i've said this you no longer wil, but having just said that you will say to your self, this twat can't control me... i'll do whatever the fuck i want which takes you back to the normal mezo we all know and love...

quite an impact to have on some kid from the other side of the world don't cha think -



"toasted tremblers" is making me hungry right now.
I'm going out to eat and I'm getting some hush puppies. Oh yeah!

Andreas Mohacsy,
It's good to see how you've come to appreciate all the honest
evaluations you've received - especially mezo's.
Keep on learning and keep the flame burning!

Andreas Mohacsy
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I'm in the middle of my 3rd out of 10 hush puppies right now
mmmmmmmMMMMMM so goooood
takes another bite

Andreas Mohacsy
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cheers jemae - always awesome to get compliments from such a talented artist:D


check these designs out


last day to score & comment on the way we roll...

1 day left for Ayres ROCK!!! & the immortal coil

check 'em out if you haven't already -- here's a larger version of the immortal coil than what's on the submission page



Andreas Mohacsy
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seriously your way to nice helo:D


You're pumping your all into your designs which
makes Threadless a better place so it's a pleasure
to give attention to these fine treasures you've created

:) your welcome

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