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nice, i remember the critique...


(which means none of them do)


i think i would like it better if it weren't confined to a box. I understand the idea of looking inside someones chest, but i think that it would be a lot cooler without the border and with complete gears


Maybe the gear itself wouldn't have to be a heart but maybe a rivet/inner ring/window could be heart-shaped?


Eh, it regardless of whether or not it'd be functional or not, I think the design is a tad drab.

Good idea though!


That gear would make everything not work!

I am also curious as to why you would make a heart shirt?


I think it's a fairly accurate commentary... for a lot of people, once they fall in love, nothing else matters and they're stuck in the quagmire of the heart - of course the gears don't work, does anything else matter during that first fluttery phase of love? Lol.


Rationally that heart wouldn't work so well.

but in this instance it is perfect.


I guess hearts don't generally work the way we want them to anyway.


whadda bout a bunch of gears all connecting into the shape of a heart... big, small, medium, etc.


I miss color. Very cool though.


Wow, I feel like the only one who absolutely loves this shirt...

So what if the gears don't work, do you think eskimo's farm popsicles or that Napolean dressed up as an Indian? Or, did you think that Threadless only prints physically possible and factictious shirts?


Thanks for the positive comments and feedback, folks. I've been feeling a bit hated by Threadless lately, so I definitely appreciate it.

As for all the gears making one heart, I like that idea, too, but, quite honestly, I just don't have it in me to make any more gears right now. It's a lot more work than I thought it would be. Unless, of course, I'm just going about it all wrong...


I love this as it is. Being a robot I'd have it centered but awesome concept! 4$


it really frustrates me that the heart can't go around.. but i like it!


i like the window as is, leave it! very cute design :)


i really like this as is. the idea that the heart gear jams everything up. (so true!) anyways, very nice.


i think it makes perfect sense. i love it.

if a robot would have a heart, i would'nt work anymore, because then it would'nt be a robot.

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