Jellybean Wine

perfect for a Sunday morning hangover~

Watch this

perfect for a Sunday morning hangover~


i guess...there are 119 jellybeans in that jar

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

this seems like it should be a pun, but it's not..


that looks more like a prescription bottle than a wine bottle. IMHO, if you have to actually write on the design what it is supposed to depict ("jellybean wine"), then you probably did not do a good job of rendering the object.
I don't really understand the concept, but it's a fun design with nice colors. I would work more on that wine bottle.


jellybean is a wine flavor.... it's as simple as that...
(there's even a song about it ;) )
I think the wine glass helps tell the story pretty well.
as for the wine bottle I like the shape but I wish I had put a bit more color into it before I submited but I still really like it!


i agree with the shape of the bottle

but i like jellybeans a lot, so i may overlook it.


me confused.


How can wine be jellybean flavored when jellybeans are flavored for different things? Jellybeans don't have a flavor until you add something...blarg


Whoa, are you serious? I tried doing this over Christmas at my mom's house.


it's like an artificial flavoring process


*(now wishing everyone had critiqued my bottle before I submitted it)


Don't worry about it, there are so many people who score subs on this site, but hardly anyone who uses the critiques. Just learn and move on.


I like it. I think it's a sweet "fantasy concept," where you could actually have a nice bottle of Jelly Bean Wine to sip. Sounds tasty! Good luck.

(by the way storming, I did mention the bottle in your critique blog) Good luck!!

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