Xenomorph Teddy Bear

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Haha poor teddy bear.
Very good, but shouldn't the xenomorph look a little bit more.. teddyish?




Yeah, I was going off the 3rd alien's movie which the alien only moved like a dog and didn't have any hair. So thought a little bit of teddyish would be more to the movies.


I love the irony of a Xenomorph popping out of an adorable teddy bear. The ears ears on the alien give him just a hint of teddyness. I'd buy one for me and one for my son. Freaky cute!! $5




Oh man, if the teddy's proportions were a little more consistent, i'd 5$ this. Redraw the bear and I'm yours!


wtf? creepy.

haha maybe for others, not for me.


LOL. Ok, this one made me laugh. Not sure if I'd wear the shirt, but it sure is funny.

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I agree with arius, PLEASE re-do the teddy bear and make the hole through it and the fluff coming out of it more intense and EVERYWHERE around it, and maybe a small slime trail leading from the teddy to the alien and this makes your tee designs here 3 for 3 for me!


sniff poor teddy...you have somehow managed to make a shirt adorable and creepy at the same time lol. I'd agree with the more fluff and something like slime connecting the two, otherwise they seem kinda seperate.


Brilliant - i'd take FrickenAwesomes advice and up the gore. Stick it in the critiques next time. Can't wait to see this develop

Great idea tho - 4


This was in critiques!

But I agree that the gore factor should be higher. And something does seem to be missing from the design, but I still think it's brilliant.


Haha yeh Id like to see it as its busting out of the stomach.


Yeah this was in the critiques, I'm getting some great feedback. Can I resubmit this if I completely redo the illustration?


I love this! I'm a big Alien fan.


Yeah, I also love this.
But as "PacemakerSava" said, they do seem a bit separate.
Some rather unintelligible people at my school would wonder about this for way too long.
But I would wear this shirt all the time.


This is the first one I've given a 4/5 so far. Almost that 5/5!
Something so cute (xenomorph) combined with something so cute (teddybear).
I would possibly buy this shirt.


I'm stupid, (see post above).
"Something so cute combined with something so EEEEVIL!"

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