Maybe in white for girls please?

I absolutely ADORE this design. From the day I saw it last year it was one of my firsts and I've wanted to buy it for soooo long! But it's always sold out!!

I've vowed to buy it once and for all as soon as it becomes available for women in size Small... but I have one condition: IT MUST BE WHITE!

Pleeeeeaaaaaase tell me WHY do the guys always get the nice tees in white and the girls get creme... creme looks dirty or faded a little.

This is the second time I pass on a design because of the creme colour. The first one was Poet Trees. Gorgeous design, I actually bought it but then returned it once I saw the colour. It just doesn't work...

Watch this

Creme is my favoriteeeee. x)


I can't vouch for what this latest reprint looks like, but when I bought this a couple of years ago the tee was a reeeaally nice cream.

Much, much nicer than most other creme tee's I've bought since...

PLEASE bring back that shade of cream!

jaywalkergraphics profile pic Alumni

I don't think white is too popular around these parts.



I wish they had it in baby sizes. Possibly a onesie.

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