Animals Feel Too.

Not only humans have emotions. imagination, care, soul, love, compassion, and feelings.

Words and Outline of the cows are Gold specialty ink.

Swirls and Cow cuts are printed in embroidery.

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Not only humans have emotions. imagination, care, soul, love, compassion, and feelings.

Words and Outline of the cows are Gold specialty ink.

Swirls and Cow cuts are printed in embroidery.


I think the best thing about this design is your twist on the meat/cut diagram, and I think that deserves center billing. Maybe even all by itself on the shirt (with no mirror image).


This is really awesome :] I'd totally buy this once it's up for print.
Good luck!


yay! there are so many meat involving designs, nice to see a pro-vegetarian one,


I would love to see this as Sunshine69 said... center placement for a single cow design--it's powerful enough to speak for itself.

oh isuzu...

i think that purple block is supposed to be "soul" ?
but it looks like "saul"
maybe just adjust that o/a thing there
and this is AWESOME.


im not quite sure what that thing is in the middle of the shirt.

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

this is so preachy. i'm really surprised that you actually mirrored the words in the left cow. it's the laziest copy pasting i've ever seen. how on earth are people supposed to read it. why are there even two cows? the fact that you didn't even bother to re-write the words into the cow show to me that the second cow has no purpose whatsoever.

so all in all, i have to agree with sunshine69 also and suggest you just go with one cow, and no extra curliecue message.


wow i didn't even realize the words, well first of all i want to two cows to make the design work better and maybe a bit more symmetrical.

plus if you are going to cal this shirt preachy then don't even post a comment. since you already dont like the content or the meaning of the shirt your other criticism wont be respected since you already make it clear that you hate the shirt.


I've seen lots of these cow meat-charts on here.

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whoaa whoaa. no where did i say i hate the shirt not do i despise animals.
i should have specified that the addition of the message makes this design preachier than it should be. one cow meat/feeling chart is enough to get the message across, and you don't need to mirror things to make designs symmetrical.

you're in no position to tell me what i'm allowed to comment on. even if i truly hated this design and the message i have the right to voice my opinion on it. that's what these comments are for.


get a life - this is hallmark card sh*t.


agreed, someone in the critique mode suggested it and i thought it would look nice. never did i think of the words in the mirrored image. sadly didn't have much hope for this anyways, i had submitted some other things and i figured it wouldn't hurt to see how this would do.

I know now how people feel about copy and paste. guess i wont use it anymore lol


nice idea, but i thought it said paul, instead of soul.


I feel too...I feel hungry. mmmm, emotional cows, delicious!


Soembody's been watching too many cartoon animal movies!!!!!!! HaHa!! Remember - Tasty, tasty murder!!!!


I like the idea of scrapping the flower thing and just having the cow. You don't need the text to make the point. Double images is weird. $4


cow bigger, less deformed, and i want to see detail, because i have bad eyes


hah this shirt looks expensive! cute idea, though.


I really like the idea, and the new printing techniques are neat, but I think metallic printing and embroidery is a bit over the top. Fancy is good, but there is something to be said for simplicity.


I like your idea for a shirt, however, as an avid omnivore, I might feel uncomfortable eating a hamburger while wearing it.

But artistically, I think it's lovely. Gold specialty ink and embroidery = :)


WE feel as you do

Bio-bot 9000
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I like the concept a lot but it needs work. Just redo this with the single cow, none of that flowery tree-like anything, and perhaps just a subtle caption below like "we have feelings too", or something to that effect. also, "soul" looks like "paul", and find something else to replace "feelings", because it sort of implies that love, care, thought, imagination, etc. are not feelings. Also, love and care are pretty similar, i'd recommend thinking up another emotion or quality.

try running it through the Critiques and good luck!


I like it. But compassion is in a cow's ass? I mean, I think the idea of substituting cuts with feelings is kinda neat, but... I don't know, I hope its -supposed- to be funny


Ha, I generally am very supportive of veggienism, but because I do so much reading about animals, my first thought while looking at the shirt was, "Hmm, cows, if they've EVER had ANY of those qualities, have had 'em all bred out of them a long time ago."

I'd be the first to be with you if the message was primates, parrots, or racoons had these things... but you can pretty much look a cow in the eye and see that it's pretty short on imagination, love, care, feelings, thought, compassion, or Saul.

Then I saw all the fooferah in the comments and was shocked to think that I might be considered anti-veggie!


this would work with just the single cow motif that you have at the bottom of the image there


Arius, have you ever known a cow? You're dead wrong about them.


hmm. well maybe they should learn to talk so people would stop eating them.
ja kiddin


I would really love this if it was just the cow.


I haven't KNOWN a cow, or worked with them. And I'm certainly against inhumane treatment or cruelty, I dig all animals. But I've seen farm cows, and I've also seen wild wisents in Europe and bison in america... the difference between wild beasts and domesticated beasts seems enormous to me. Wild ungulates still have that gleam of life and spirit in their eyes.

Then again, I've eaten horse in Japan and really enjoyed it. So I think at this point I'm disqualified to opine any longer on the sentience of grazing mammals.

In terms of the design, that cow is strong enough to be on its own. The message is elegant, and its a nice color scheme. I think if the letters are cleaned up, it might do pretty well!


I've known domestic cows at a farm sanctuary, and was very surprised by the level of personality they can exhibit. So I would agree that they have feelings, thoughts, love and compassion. I've seen how mother cows bond with their calves. If you don't call that love, I don' t know what it is.


Really good idea, I think the think in the middle is a little overkill though, just the cow would be enough


Nice idea & good work, I'd go with just a cow, yes.


The cow would be enough on its own, but the center is also very nice, good job! :D


Single cow, and no fancy inks, except possibly embroidery. I really like the single cow though. And fix "paul." :)


Arius, if you haven't fucked a cow, you don't know what you're talking about.


I really like the single cow. there seems to be so many strong feeling about this design from differnt people that it might just make it.


Does it say "soul"?
Animals don't have souls.

p.s. cow is delicious.


if animals don't have souls, neither do people


i agree with the message, but i wouldn't wear the shirt.


I second Sunshine on this one - to me the strength of it is the play on the meat diagram, that should be given centre billing. You don't need the the "I feel as you do" text to get the point across, in fact I think that part makes it too preachy.

(see Sunshine, I don't always disagree with you ;)


as for me
my favotite meal is a grilled love
beans have feelings too so if u wanna die s up to u

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