Watch this

Nice illustration, it reminds me of Japanese vending machines.


I like the angel/devil tooth.


so...this is the place where you build your mii on the wii...
i don't get it.


ialsoc: Yes, if your Wii is possessed by a demon on mind-altering drugs.

On fire.


Minna Mouse

It's JUST like the we when you make your Mii!!!


I always get excited whenever I see your username
before I see the design. I still deeply crave to see Threadless
print DJ Extra T. And Also Sprach Miyamoto is so good too.

I'm lovin' the flamin' eyeball with the smoke and tie

and there's so many more visual treats in there like the
bomb for a head, the atomic screw, the brain with the
powerplants growing out of it, the orange lightning,
the Pacman references, and I could go on and on . . .

I don't get the square root of a bitten cookie next to pi.
Is there anything to figure out there or is it just part
of the fun wacky universe that has cool funkified Mii
creators that only make sense if you were part of that


cooool! yey, i love my wii!


one of the most weird designs,and very welll done!!! when can i buy this???


Quite amazing!


i too would like to purchase this item and i can't wait for it to win!!!!


sorry to rain on your parade, but i dont get it


I have a Wii...
Put the hand over the flaming circle and make it highlighted
I don't get the pizza
And why were you expand the lightning of a flaming fireball?
or lift or drop a barrel on the flaming fireball?
Those side things make no sens but are really cool.

Work them into the design for a $5


what have you been feeding your wii?


The parody is good, but there is a little too much going on for the gag to be obvious, even if you have a Wii and are intimately familiar with the Mii making process. That's my opinion at least


I don't get this, then again I have never played on or with a Wii.


For all the balls with kind of faces, it remind me this: link text


haha cool, the leaf green one is awesome

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