VOTER GUIDES for the Primaries in 2008

Watch this

lol @ my "I like Mike" button ending up on Romney's face

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Isn't that a good thing for a political party?


ha ha ha ha yeah that is funky

Are there any voter guides that show
any differences among the Democrats?


unfortunately Texas doesn't vote on super Tuesday

  • feels sad for snaggletooth for wanting everyone to see that poor doggie *

that's b/c Giuliani isn't really a conservative Republican


based solely on these voter guides it looks like Giuliani should have run as a Democrat


I think fiscally he has a relatively conservative record, but he still leans a little left on a lot of issues


To Everyone :

I'm looking for more voter guides - Know of any ?

I just did a Google search on "2008 primary voter guide"
and the results were weak. So guys, does anyone know of
any good voter guides out there ?


Bumping for more voter guides - Got any ?

Yeah, you, got any ?


Super Tuesday bump!


How are you supposed to choose between the democrats? they say exactly the same thing.


Opposes laws that force businesses to favor homosexuality?
I've never heard of those laws.


I know - that's the main reason I was hoping some one
had a more detailed voter guide I could post.

Anyone? Anyone?


jasper7777, just research what the pro homosexual
lobbyists are doing in Washington D.C.


Is it like an equal opportunity law- do they have to hire a certain percentage of homosexuals. lol


Voter guides ! Voter guides ! Getcher voter guides here !


jasper7777 on Feb 05 '08 at 5:59am
Is it like an equal opportunity law- do they have to hire a certain percentage of homosexuals. lol

I have no idea what the details are



"Human Life Amendment"

no, Pro Life Amendment.
fuckers fuck off Politicians and you're lying language


what kind of curiculum "promotes homosexuality"?

are we listening to Queen while watching Richard Simmons?

this is such bullshit


Well please direct me to some decent voter guides. I looked
and couldn't find any beyond what I have.

Anyone know of some ?


these are useful.

i don't know of others. mindtrance would.


The AFA is hardly who I'd be looking to for information on Democrats. They're a strict conservative organization and word their document to make all Democrats sound like baby-killing monsters.

This is from the League of Women Voters, which is generally thought of as relatively centrist. Might be decent.


lol at using AFA charts, glad to see that the only thing important in the election is preventing abortions and taking away gay rights...


Thanks kirstenlovesdinner

On The Issues

Thanks ianrose

Just a note : The League of Women Voters - Voter Guide doesn't
even mention Huckabee and Romney's section said he
didn't respond.

cassiepaige on Feb 05 '08 at 5:19pm
How long does it take to become a registered voter?

I'm not sure it's the same for each state. Here in Georgia
I found this: "You must be registered 30 days prior to a
primary or general election to vote in that election."
So I think the very day you fill out the paperwork you
become a registered voter (at least in Georgia). What's
important is to get registered before the cutoff date for
an election.


I didn't realize it didn't include Huckabee. That's too bad. It should certainly include all major candidates, to be a real voter guide. Considering the active role that the League of Women Voters has taken in the past in organizing debates, etc ... I don't understand why Romney wouldn't answer them, and it doesn't speak well of him that he didn't.

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