Make way for Prince Ali!

  • by paul lau
  • posted Feb 03, 2008

I haven't done this in a while, and a lot has changed. hope y'all like my latest effort.

Watch this
paul lau

I haven't done this in a while, and a lot has changed. hope y'all like my latest effort.

Dream Out

I really like the fish and the red elephant.


fun stuff!


Damn, now I have that song stuck in my head. Aside from that, awesome design. :)


Oh, Paul! Fantastic! I would totally buy it. Make way for Prince Paulington!

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

Rad!!! really cool. although just for future reference the text bar kind of obscures some details. it's like sort of hiding your talent.


Paul, I love this design. Especially the steaming heart mug.


I like it.

Perhaps it would be funnier with a burro?


ilu paul
when this gets printed I would like one at a locker-buddy discount.



I love that the elephant has a crown. Seriosuly. I would buy this. . . I am completely broke right now, but I would look under seat cushions for this shirt.

[ Also.. if it were in black. . I like black shirts. :p ]


me likes. well done, sir.


ecological Mad Max ...`_°


this is great! as always. gosh.
i'd buy it in a heart beat, but you know that alreaady.


I totally love this.


Pawllll. You are my favorite. I totally hope this wins, I want one! Hearts!

Kyle G

hot fire heat ball paul!


i love the design, its just sooo.... different... if there is no text on it then $5 if there is then :( day

paul lau

DEFINITELY no text on this thing.

ps: thanks for all the votes, y'all are neat!


I like it alot, but im not sure about the catfish, I dont really like them there...
I mean Is he supposed to be on land or under water? He has a scuba mask and theres fish... but hes on an elephant? I dunno, random, but cool.
4 from me


I would wear it bi-weekly.
(probably more than that)

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