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A scientific diagram showing how the body breaks down tetris blocks when eaten.

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A scientific diagram showing how the body breaks down tetris blocks when eaten.


what is the violet thing supposed to be? it has a shape more or less of a stomach, it's placed in the chest and is connected with the alimentary tract but only with one end, now that's tricky.


It's supposed to be the organ in the human body that turns food into Tetris blocks...duh!


Yah, are there TWO stomachs, or is the square at the bottom something else? There's some alien biology going on here. A cool idea, but somehow lost in the body of it.

dangerous dave

this is balls... intestines are after the stomach for starters and and ... bah.. can't be bothered...

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I know people like inside of the body shirts, i know people like tetris shirts, but i honestly don't see a good reason for them to be combined to form one mega-awkward design here. I'm just seeing this as a concept that makes sense if you choose not to think about it for more than a few seconds, but falls apart if you press on for a few more. also, it's proportionately cuckoo and isn't very eye-pleasing.


thx wiffler:)


Great concept, a real winner. I think the art and the style could be improved quite a bit.
Like people have said, the digestive tract isn't quite correct and it's a bit fussy.

With work I would wear this :D


the idea of this shirt is cool. But i wouldn't wear it.


Fliping insane
i love it




Mostly too crudely drawn to be worth buying, but a great idea if you work on it.


cute idea but I think the graphics are pretty choppy, I wouldn't buy it w/o new graphics


like the idea but not the graphic


not anatomically correct.


i think what you guys think is the stomach, is actually the colon. as in, the tetris blocks have already been digested, and are now waiting to be pooped out?


liver? i think so. my eyes are pleased.

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