Blood suit

  • by NoaKatz
  • posted Feb 01, 2008
  • 10 Comments a hitman

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NoaKatz a hitman


Ha I hated the movie but this is really cool.


I like this, but it always bugs me that these shirts don't start at the top so there's a band before the fake collar starts.


Um, not so much. I might dig it more if it were riddled with holes and blood. Actually, maybe not. I'm just tired of suit-type designs I guess.


Nice variation on the classic tuxedo tee.


i think this is an AWSOME idea with out the blood. y does everything involve violence? but awsome t. made me laugh

Bramish profile pic Alumni

I like this more than I like most shirts of this style, but I couldn't see myself wearing it. 3.


I love that game ...hitman
i like it


Wow, this made me laugh and made me think of James Bond. LOL. ^_^.

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