Undershirt. Not for external use.

I am submiting for your humble consideration the following slogan:

[Undershirt. Not for external use.]

Silly warning labels are everywhere these days. So are slogan shirts. So, in a stroke of genius (Warning: Sarcasm.) I put the two together.

Also, as a 20 something trying to find an excuse to wear threadless tshirts all day, I decided to use them as undershirts with a more work appropriate polo or sweater over it. This way when I look in the mirror before heading out the door, I'll know if I'm forgetting something! Brilliant (Disclaimer: No IQ test was taken to confirm actual brilliance.)

If you like the Slogan, vote for it here:

Undershirt. Not for external use.

And if you want to post stupid warning labels you've seen reply to this blog. I don't know why, but I love stupid warning labels. My favorite was recently featured in a report by a legal watchgroup. It was on a tractor or something and said: "Warning, Avoid Death." Wow! Good idea!

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And yes, I did just submit "Warning. Avoid Death." --sorry, I couldn't help myself.

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