Han´s Solo

This took a bit more of time to submit since We had to get rid of the Harrison Ford face I put over Charlie the model.

Anyway I´m sure you´ll enjoy his galactic tunes.

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This took a bit more of time to submit since We had to get rid of the Harrison Ford face I put over Charlie the model.
Anyway I´m sure you´ll enjoy his galactic tunes.

Hi my name is

Nice illo. Is the background going to be on the shirt? either way its cool I was just wondering.

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

nice looks kinda like fogerty


It's different enough, and the pun is is obvious in this one without having to spell it out in text. Nice work.


Yeah, just about to post that link.

But this is significatnly different Figrin Dan and his Cantina band are backing him up.

But then, maybe it's not a solo?

Anyway, it's not like Tom Burns, great as he is, was the first guy to notice Han's surname was a word.


this is done much better!


see its the same idea..but that shirt doesnt have the aliens in the background, the aliens make the shirt for me.


very cool illustration, well done


I like this one better :)


Love it, especially the way it's been drawn.


the cantina band! yeah! $5!


maybe someone had the same joke in mind, but this has never been done before. Awesome!! $5


han reminds me too much of the dad in casper, not enough like harrison ford


This makes me and my R2D2 all happy inside.


this is an awesome illustration and the other one looks like bad vector tracing. this one is different and WAY better. i hate it when people bring that up when it's not even an issue. this is a very original design and obviously his artwork even if the idea has been done before. i see plenty of concepts done to death here on threadless every day and none of them look half as good as this!

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

this is so rad! who cares about the "already been done"? there;s a good chance that any idea will have been attempted and/or printed in this day of massive consumerism and free exchange of information. this is great and funny and well done. 5!

liquidgraphix profile pic Alumni

cool illustration, great take on the name too


thanks for the comments guys.

some of you... trust me beore i submited the design i checked if it had been done before, and didnt find no images, although you will always find someone who says the idea has occured to someone before.


Yeah, this is much better than that lame Guitar Solo one.


nice idea.. 5 + €

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

How many colours you got there? Would you have this in simulated process?


Even though, it's been done, I like this one a lot better.

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

Your illustration style reminds me of a refined version of this guy who illustrates for MAD magazine, just a thought.

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

the animation side of you is so evident in your work, the posing is fluid and graceful
with your last samurai design i left wanting more, these next 2 deliver, i think you may have found the combination that gets the amount of votes you were asking for, congrats


Thanks, you guys,
so many nice comments on this submission,
you make me cry, specially with the R2D2 comment there
Yes I am a classical animator too Ellsswhere, and who´s the MAD magazine illustrator you were mentioning roadkill3d?


Yeah! living classics!
Han Solo was a rocker? jejejeje


I guess aliens are having a blast, so would I if I could were it
uhu i like it :)

Jeffosaurus Rex

yes, this is awesome...hahaha...i love it!!


That's sooooooo great! =)


After days of mediocre entries, a solid $5.

The idea may be a bit passe, hehe, but the execution's tops!


Robotic Moose

I thought it was John Fogerty until I saw the Cantina band.


GREAT - keep the background....! Torso & Head of aliens dont need legs or anything, the fact that they are cut off like that makes them more a background person and hence make Han more 'solo'.
I'm rambling, but you get what I mean!


"han has always been notoriously difficult to work with on stage. the fact that he decided to go ahead and have the backup band, shows that he's grown as a musician." - figrin d'an of figrin d'an and the modal nodes. $5!

quister profile pic Alumni

Great characterizations, as you're known to do. Nice twist, great rhythm and composition, looks great on the shirt. $5


right "Colemanford"
and the good thing about this shirt, is that it may be a good call for the band to reunite, after all they haven´t played since the Mos Eisley Rock Festival in 77´


Han Solo is the only guy i would listen to a Bass Solo from.

Hero Status

i love ur style man, is just entertaining to look at, plain and simple. very visually pleasing.


Wonderful illustration!

OOH_OOH profile pic Alumni

This is hilarious. Too bad it's been done before. I hate finding out that fact after subbing a design. I will say that this design is much better than that other one.

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