i like squids. and wasabi.

Watch this






much cleaner than the first version -- definite improvement. The hands aren't working for me, although I don't have a specific suggestion to fix them. Something I would try with the eyes as an alternative is instead of showing them shut-tight, show them wide, wide open... possibly even separated a little bit from his face, so the eyes are actually sort of floating in space in front of him and then add the bead of sweat on the side of the head that's common in Manga / Anime these days as a marker for "confusion".

Nice concept and I think the use of squid works well here instead of using a fish as the customer -- squid actually do eat fish, but then squid is also used in sushi, so there's some ambiguity about his order. But partly I think it's better because not all fish are carnivorous and you know actually that with squid they are.

hey, if you've got a minute:


mmmm i like the sweat drop thingy. probably gonna put that where i have those two lines on the side of the chef's head.


hehe, this is a very cute design! ^^
I've always wondered what would happen if something like this were to happen o_o;;


so...with/without the lines?

with/without text bubble?


Yeah, I saw Calamari Cannibal the other day while I was rating. Personally I think this one is better conceptualized. With Calimari Cannibal, I suppose sure he's eating a member of his own species, but he's eating himself -- and cannibalism generally speaking is about eating other people, or so I thought. Anyway it just didn't seem to me like it had been thought through. (Apologies to the writers of Meet the Robinsons.) :)

I've got the same sort of deal going on with one of my critiques. Although in my case the other design has actually been printed.

I think the word balloon is important in this design with regard to getting the message across. Some people might see the eyes and the sweat bead and "get it" immediately, but, I wouldn't bank on that being the case. The text balloon even though it only has punctuation in it definitively gets that message across in a clear, unambiguous fashion. Plus I think it's just plain visually appealing. I don't think it matters much whether it's a speech or thought balloon however.

p.s. they approved my first submission, Pigasus today. Woohoo! :)

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