• by MUNIZ
  • posted Jan 18, 2008

Watch this
Art Dud

That's one blending in mother fudcker.


I love reptile shirts! But, shouldn't he be holding on to something? He looks like he is taped to the front of the shirt, and his feet look like they've been amputated...maybe give him a branch to hold onto?


great idea.

Art Dud

I can't help but wonder why the chamelion blened into the argyle pattern and not the orange in the shirt as well?


Yes ArtDud, I was asking myself the same question. I love the idea, but the design needs a bit more work, as cobalta also said, this dud needs a branch or something.


Thanks for the feed back guys and gals! You've made some observations that quite honestly slipped my mind. I should resubmit the idea with some changes, but I'm not sure if that isn't frowned upon due to the design being in the voting stage already! Thanks for the crits. Will do more homework on my next concept.

Art Dud

Fudk it dude. Fix what you want to fix and send that shit back in. I've seen people do that shit all the time and some times go to print second time around. The idea is solid and the execution is good so go for it.


i like it on the green or blue shirt


I like it. Resubmit it with him on a twig and make his feet camo-ed to the stick too. lol

Vagner Love

Woooooo...I need this... PLEASEEE print it!

Vagner Love

Woooooo...I need this... PLEASEEE print it!


Don't mind the not-being-orange bit... it's not exactly an accurate biology illustration is it!


agree, needs a bit of tweaking, but overall this is adorable!


pretty tight. i think it'd be sweeter to photoshop an actual national geographic-esque picture of a chameleon


There seems to be some interest in this design. I may definately have to resubmit it with a little Shazam added! Thanks for the feedback.

snow day.

Yeah, the chameleon should definitely be green- its a good idea though.


resubmit and I'll buy one.


this is amazing! i like that it blends into the argyle but not the orange, actually. it makes it more amusing! 5!


Great concept, but I agree it should be adjusted design-wise. Personally I'd rather see more traditional argyle colours and less of a bright tone.

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