Geek Graph (coolnes levels)

How cool of a geek are you?

(Optional gold foil for the yellow version.)

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i break those rules, :]


"Coolness" is spelled wrong. And it could have been funnier with different geek aspects, such as pastiness of skin, Battlestar Galactica wisdom, and mastery of the Klingon language.

Just saying those things put me at a level 4 geek. This has potential.

johnny_quest profile pic Alumni

Ahhh cosplay...

Considering it is a geek graph...Increased geekiness should correspond with increased height on the graph as opposed to the inverse...IMO of course...

von Vismal

I totally agree with johnny quest on the inverse relation of the geekiness... that's odd to me. But I love the concept. And would add rating t-shirts on Threadless in there somewhere.


Concept good, graph layout bad. ;o) And I agree, WoW is definitely freak.

againstbound profile pic Alumni

well, where were all of you when it was in critique u_u, and i know not everyone will like the categories and levels as is, but its hard to please EVERYONE, so i tried to balance it out, and yet again this is measuring the coolness of the geeks :/


what's cosplay and world of warcraft? just curious


cosplay can be freaky good..!


Oh man! me and my friend totally came up with a geek level system. except it's reversed as you go higher and higher you ascend into more geekdom. Awesome sub! High $5


I think the graph should be inverted
cosplay... that's for REAL freaks!


Nice idea!


Coolness! Kind of a geek myself.

quister profile pic Alumni

"Coolness" is spelled wrong. Mayward what dictionary are using?

The concept here is satire. The design ridicules the establishment's notion that geeks are society's misfits and social outcasts. It proclaims the geek's indifference to society's notion of what's cool and establishes the new cool. So, I'm not going to get into which activities or what's coolest. They're important of course, but really only play a supporting role in the antiestablishment message the design conveys.

That said, I'd gladly wear it for the simple pleasure of saying, "I'M A GEEK, AND YOUR NOT" or as a means of connecting with other geeks and debating what's cooler or coolest.

A high 5$ for mocking against the machine.


I´ll buy this tshirt, this time u must win, or im gonna cry T-T

Please threadless admin print this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Cosplay is by it's very nature a social activity... so saying they should stay in basements makes a complete lack of sense.


Very complete, and accurate, too! I'd just say that the graph should be inverted (Guitar hero low, and cosplay high to show the extreme geekiness.) 5$

Savage Companion

Cosplayers are not...well they are a different group of folks.

againstbound profile pic Alumni

thanks everyone for support!! =D, and again this wasnt intended to measure geekiness itself, but the coolness in geek activities, hence the way th scores are arranged, but people dont seem to read that part :/, lets see how it goes, maybe i'll resub with this measuring geekiness alone, anyway thanks, and aslo what quister said ;D


$5 i really need to have this shirt :)


yeah you should definitely reverse it. high values, high geekiness :P $4


should you have a disclaimer for some of these things, like harry potter? maybe something like "* this does not apply to children under the age of 14" also, I like how it's set up, and i get the concept, but should you have the bars in ascending order, so cosplay is all the way on the left, then d & d, then all level 3, 4,5,6,7,8,9,10. anywho, $5!


hahaha of course $5 !!! this is also perfect for any holliday gift


waaayyyy too much to read. i don't want people coming up to me and staring at my shirt for five minutes -- "what does it say? ... oh. haha."

againstbound profile pic Alumni

shcuma, you should get friends that read a bit faster than 7 year olds then ;D, and thanks averyone for support, i dont expect a high score on this at all, i know is a long shot, but its good to see people that like it =D


Come to SPSU and get an idea of what "geek" really is. Cool concept, yet better execution is desired.


i like harry potter so i guess im in the okay range, love the shirt 5$


my boyfriend NEEDS to own this shirt. i love it!

Eduardo Trigueros muybien

Wooooww !! I have a friend called liam, he really loves tshirt like this !!

5$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ !


this shirt is the total integral of my husband.

i like every thing about it.

i'll take one, please!


Very funny, and nice choice of font. You'll probably rustle a few feathers but it'd be fun to wear. 5


I'm heavily a geek, bordering on freeeeak.

Lol, $5.

courtney pie

hey! dance dance revolution is WAY cooler than guitar hero


i agree with everyone who has said that a bigger bar graph should be more geeky.

that said, i do like the idea... i'm questioning some of that criteria though. probably because i'm not into any of those.


yes yes yes awesome!


Oh my god. As a comic-book-reading, Harry Potter-loving, Star Trek & Wars afficiando, Guitar Hero-playing (although I love Rock Band more!) geek who lives in the World of Warcraft, I give this a thumbs-up!

I won't nitpick as to the geekiness levels of everything, but an above commenter was right that the highest bars should denote the highest levels of geekiness-- I think it's more intuitive that way.


ddr is definetly more nerdy than anime. $4 for effort


This is great!


Needs work.

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