Why do some designs get printed when they only get a 2.15?

Why are there T-Shirts get printed when they get quite a lower score? When there are ones out there that get close to 3 and still are not printed?

Who ultimately decides which ones get printed and is there even any point in scoring submissions when it seems like the score doesn't matter in the end?

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Lucretia Mott

Because they're sleeping with Shimala.

Bramish profile pic Alumni

It's more about comments and I'd Buy Its I think.

Tonteau profile pic Alumni

The people who decide the prints are the people who make the money from them. Thus, their decision is usually right. Democracy and design are not happy bedfellows, sometimes the masses are wrong.

quite often.

BaronVonMonkey profile pic Alumni

As I understand it, score is a factor but it's not the only factor


They wished extra hard when they blew out their birthday candles


I think Bramish has got it right.


Because I'm sleeping with Shimala.


most of the printed one are nice.

jrmasm profile pic Alumni

scores don't matter, $ does.


Threadless print what they want. Scores are a guideline. If they like a design that doesn't score well, screw it, they'll print it.

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