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How long does "Pending approval" take??

I've been waiting almost two weeks now! :(

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Gracie McFreebush

I don't know, but I love your design It's going to be alright.

bortwein profile pic Alumni

4 to 6 weeks, but only if you pay the correct shipping and handling.

Tonteau profile pic Alumni

Shouldn't take that long, man. Email em.

ben hanbury

Yay! seems the blog post worked - it's finally gone through!:

fat pigeon
fat pigeon profile pic Alumni

146 days

Janitor Designs

i am still waiting.. its been about a week i think


Does the voting start after its been aproved?

agrimony profile pic Alumni
1 design submitted -



mine hasnt gone thue yet iver

rossmat8 profile pic Alumni

They don't work on Sundays


Hi there, i'm new here and I was wondering the same thing! Do they have to approve it before people can actually vote on it?

Raulio profile pic Alumni

Usually takes one or two working days. They have to approve before its up for scoring!

mamoizelle profile pic Alumni

depends on some challenge esp when it involves partners, normally it takes 2 days. Mine took 5 days (exclude public holiday/weekend) and finally it was declined and I only received the declined email +reasons on last day of the submission. So I got very tight time to change on last minute and resubmitted. If it takes more than 2 days then something is wrong, should have emailed them and normally they respond quite fast via email.

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