Sheep Join Robots alliance has been reached between robots and sheep just in time for the 10th annual We Kill Humans festival.

...They join small fanged wood creatures, Yakov Smirnoff, and cholesterol for the March 8th killing spree...

This is why I refuse to wear wool...or metal..and just about everything containing the letter 'i'.

Watch this

Well, I said just about everything. I don't want to become one of those crazy non-clothes wearing hippies.


You can always wear a tee. And by tee eye mean a huge letter T tattooed across your earlobes. hmm. So are you ant-eye Baabots?


First, that was an impressive non-use of the letter which shall not be named.

Second, Baabots are in the process of being invented by the sheep overlords. I find it shocking that you are aware of their existence .

Are you working with the sheep, t-thyme...or maybe the robots?


Working with sheep? pffft. I only have use for counting them. looks over both shoulders pssst... he's one the one who leaked the word:


Oh, that crazy so and so.

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