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Radio Evolution

For the Threadless loves Discogs comp - Music: past, present and future ... I basically tried to design a typical looking radio for each decade from 1920 to 2000.

Comments very appreciated!

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ben hanbury

For the Threadless loves Discogs comp - Music: past, present and future ... I basically tried to design a typical looking radio for each decade from 1920 to 2000.

Comments very appreciated!


simple nice and effective


I really like 1920 to 1980. The 1990 and 2000 is not interesting. Perhaps a CD player and MP3 player would make better.


yeah i was thinking the same thing. Cd player and mp3 player maybe. i guess u were trying to have em all the same shape huh?


agree with jhage2 and cownerd.


Agree with the above three...the rest of the decades are fairly representative of the era, but the last two aren't...for 1990, you could do something like 1980, but include just one speaker circle...

And don't do an MP3 player..we've seen too many of those...for 1990 or 2000 you could do a Bose stereo, fairly distinctive looks and actually more what a modern day "RADIO" would mp3 player isn't a radio, thus losing the concept I think...


I think this design is rather good. Though for me, the radio belonging in the year 2000 looked like a microwave at first glance. :) It's all good.

My favourite design is the '30s one. I agree with morozco that there shouldn't be an mp3 player, but it would be cool to have more interesting designs for the last few decades, just to highlight the "Future" part.

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Nicely done, but with Radios already on the market I don't fancy your chances of having this print. Solid illustration though.

Monkey III
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good job indeed

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Hey dude, nice job. You nailed the simple style really well. I think you got the decades pretty much spot on. As bram said there's a nother radois shirt printed, but it is quite different in style, so who knows. Keep 'em coming.


the last one looks like my microwave.

ben hanbury

thanks for all the comments - I think the discussion about the 1990's radio is interesting: I actually quite liked that one because it reminded me of that time when every function on a radio/hi-fi/walkman had to have a button to represent it, I remember my old minidisc player being overloaded with controls - it wasn't until the iPod came out that people realised that less buttons and a better on-screen user interface was an easier way of navigating.

Apologies for the ramble, I work in interaction design - this sort of stuff really excites me!!


love the simple design.... and as for having a CD player and MPE3.... ITS "RADIO" EVOLUTION PEOPLE!!! RADIO!!!!


1990 & 2ooo look older than their year


no dates


Nice idea, but also the font seems a little out of place. Do you think you can indicate time passing without maybe using years? Or you could pick a different font.

ben hanbury

yeah good point ssyburg and shakethesheets ... I think it might visually look stronger without the dates - though I'd be worried that the concept wouldn't be as obvious?


years are obvious take em out!
like it.


I think it might add more to your design if you created a 2010 radio. draw something futuristic or digital looking, to give it another angle and some wit.

ben hanbury

2010 radio eh? ... yeah that could be cool!


wow the boombox in my kitchen is apparently from 1980!

probably is.


i agree with jhage2, and i do think a 2010 radio would be pretty sweet.


I really like the idea of the design.
But isn´t a representation of Evolution more than Revolution?

That said, I really like it.

ben hanbury

Thanks Staxter, yeah I was trying to go more into the history of things (though that doesn't completely go with the 'Music: Past, Present and Future' theme - but I guess that's open for interpretation right?!)

Also I think trying to do a future radio would be very hit and miss + the first radio's were in the 20's so doing one every decade makes a convienient 3x3 grid!


good design and soem retro style...
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