Fly Fishing

What if the sea and sky were one?

Watch this

What if the sun refused to shine? What if the clouds refused to rain? What if the wind refused to blow?
I can't believe I just quoted a Smashing Pumpkins song...

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

I wish you would have shown the design on the shirt. it's a bit hard to mentally transfer it. Is everything here, minus the fish swatches and template, on the shirt?


i like this. does that make me gay?


I think the coloured fish are cute, and should be included on the shirt. I wish you would've put the design on the shirt, though. It's easier to imagine.

random hero444

yeah i guess i shhould have show'd how it would be on the shirt. I didn't realize it was so hard to image the placement. I had in mind that the balloon would be in the center of the shirt and the clouds would partly go around the sides of the shirt.

olie! profile pic Alumni

This is sweet! 4 for you, how does it only have 7 comments so far?


i really like this and i think the idea is great. it could be better if all of the lines weren't quite so edgy and perfectly straight


I really like this, it's interestingly quirky!



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