"About my design"

Hooray! A mighty thank you to Threadless for choosing this design, I think it's my favorite of my submissions, as well as the one I worked the hardest on.

It's been a while now so I don't rightly recall exactly how this particular concept came to mind, but being as big of a dinosaur nerd as I am I'm sure it had been floating around in some nebulous form for a while. Eventually I started sketching some of the figures in my Educational Psychology class last winter (there originally was going to be a Polacanthus as well) and finally got a submission put together. I don't think the "critique" section of the site was open then (or maybe it was, I'm not sure) or else I might have saved everyone the pain of being asked to vote on it twice, since this is actually the re-sub of my first attempt. :)

In any case, I hope you all enjoy it and thank you for all your votes and comments!


Watch this

awesome! its a well deserved print!

on a sidenote: does your profile name have anything to do with the Beck song 'Thunderpeel'? Its one of my favorites!


Kudos man, this one was destined to emblazon many a torso. It will join my closet pantheon along with sexy pack!


What's with the medals in the upper left on the model shots? Where'd they come from?

thunderpeel profile pic Alumni

Thanks, guys!

SoulfumeInc: Yup, my username is a direct reference to said under-appreciated Beck song :)


You're right, they do look like Alumni Club medals! What are they doing on your shirt though? It's odd that the design graphic doesn't show them but the product shot does...


Awesome shirt, I've been eyeing this since I voted on it months ago.

Boo to Threadless for not releasing this in Kid sizes, though - kids & dinosaurs go together like peanut butter and...dinosaurs.

thunderpeel profile pic Alumni

i had me a peanut butter and dinosaur sammich earlier today. it tasted like epicness.

mapmaker: i think they put the medals on for the product shot because many of the dinosaurs in the design are donning sporty medals themselves.


Ah, so the medals aren't actually part of the shirt. Gotcha, thanks.



my name is a combination of "Soul Suckin Jerk" and "Fume"

old beck is the best!!!

congrats again my friend!



I have not been this happy about a print in ages.


I am so glad Threadless finally printed this, it is such an awesome shirt. Congrats!!


It's nice to see a resub get printed!


I going to go get this shirt
or when i officially have time


on aurait du y penser bien avant..
vraiment du bon boulot
Why didn't people thought about it before ?
it's wonderfull and your technic is really good
keep going!



Awesome design, I've been waiting for this one to get printed forever! Bought mine yesterday and excited about receiving it. Congratulations!


Congratulations! I've been waiting for this to be printed for so long


You know, I want to get it, but I just don't know.

It looked awesome before, I just don't know what made me slightly change my mind.

I was all ready to get it, too.


this is a freakin awesome design, im already ordering one as im writting this comment.

keep up the awesome work!


Yay! Love this design


this reminds me a lot of the 80s cartoon Dinosaucers. yay for nostalgia!


Is there any way to still get this shirt somewhere?


Thank god this was finally reprinted! I came across it only after it was completely sold out the first time and it's been my favorite design on this website since then.


I got myself this t-shirt for my birthday, it's such a fantastic design and it's right in there with my love for DINOSAURS! 8D yay for us dino nerds!

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