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Paper Ship

  • by ahming86
  • posted Jan 03, 2008

paper ship - did u made it when you at childhood?

Watch this

paper ship - did u made it when you at childhood?


I think this is aweosme, except placement. perhaps a little smaller and off to one side on the top, so wear a pocket on a shirt front would be.... so a little higher then the chest hight and off center... just an iea


does the model have a mole on her leg?


did u purposely choose the text? what is the meaning of the whole piece?
a bit preachy to me sorry.


I really thinks it is great!!! $5!!! I would buy it!!!


Maybe with different text..


the text is nothing purpose, is typed from a one of the page of newspaper


Love the idea and design. The text does nothing for me. Perhaps the weather report of a newspaper? Or the travel section?


Whoa, I like it. Threadless Print Please



this is a tee for me, print please


Yeah that's simple and sheik. Very cool Tee. $5

Chris Carney

Resubmit your design and make it a lot bigger and replace the existing text with text from "Alice in Wonderland" I'll bet my best friend's ashes they'll print it

Hi my name is

Chris Carney on Jan 09 '08, I'll bet my best friend's ashes they'll print it what the hell kind of comment is that. I feel sorry for anyone thats your friend.


wait a minute. what did you get all the text from. did you write it yourself?
if not thats plagerism(spelling)

Chris Carney

Hi my name is : That was only a joke and nothing more I thought that was pretty obvious

Hero Status

yea, comone on HMNI, its morbid and kinda bizzarre, not the kinda thing u hear everyday, but its CLEARLY a joke.


nice thingy.. but i don't like the straight lines... and how about some crazy articles on the newspaper?

Chris Carney

Well spotted Kaysetoaster, I missed that completely. The lines are not only unnaturally straight they are also far to thick looking. It might even be an idea to have a mouse fishing from the paper ship. I really do recommend you resubmit and take on board some of the advice here and I believe you stand a good chance of being printed. It would be a shame to lose such an opportunity


Different text please.


a mouse? I really don't think it needs any small mammals. But I do agree with the change of text content suggestions.


i think that the text is fine.
but deffentally agreed too straight and too think.

Chris Carney

Ok maybe not a mouse..but that one something is definitely needed..what about a paper hand pushing the paper ship out


the main is not the text is about the ship, text doesn't mean any thing, is it important the meaning of text ?? = =''


and i already told you that is typed from one of the page of newspapers, it totally doesn't mean anything, just like like decorate the ship with out make blank, how many times im need to explain again and again you all understand??

Chris Carney

You are right. You have made it perfectly clear on a number of occasions that the type means nothing and I think most people understand that now. May I suggest you are wrong. To me it is obvious that the text on the newspaper draws a lot of attention, it certainly drew my attention enough to read it. It was of a religious nature. I was disappointed, I expected something more entertaining. I believe that the text, despite what you believe, has some importance if people are commenting on it. I would view the text as an unexpected but welcomed way of enhancing the appeal of your design, that's all I'm trying to say.

DaniellesGarden profile pic Alumni

I agree with Chris. If the text is there, it has to mean something. I like this design, but I would never wear it because of the religious nature of the text.

kats g

i love the shirt.... good idea.... but hey... when people tell you to change the text... dont get mad... these are your potential customers and you should realize that they are suggesting changes so that they buy the shirt (its not personal)... if your shirt is getting so many comments, i think the changes are worth it.... chage the text to a popular children's story, or to an article of a current event, to show that todays news will be tomorrows trash? whatever, just be creative and less defensive. I love it (by the way) so dont be dissapointed!!!


Although the anti-religious types would get their panties in a bunch, it would be funny if the text was the biblical story of Noah. Maybe made from Bible pages.. getting the religious types upset too ;D

Chris Carney

J-Ray: Please tell me how you justify labeling some of the comments here as anti-religious. Without wishing to sound patronizing I suggest to look up the exact meaning of the word.


I LOVE paper boats. I HATE religious text.


Not just generally religious text, but specifically Catholic text: Prophesying an assertive and powerful Vatican, alluding to the Roman Empire...

Sorry, this Jew won't wear it! Please use a humorous or at least neutral text and I'd buy it.


the text may not have meant anything to you, but that doesn't mean people won't read it and try to figure out some hidden meaning. if you don't want the text to take away from it, just change it to gibberish or put in cartoons, or make it just plain white paper.
i think it's a cute idea, but it could use some tweaking. good luck! :)


I wont wear anything of a "serious" religious context. I think it was a bit of an odd choice for a "random" newspaper page... The word "God's" jumps right out at you on the middle part of the boat. This has been heavily debated though... maybe just make it a funny and ridiculous article about boats..


Chris, why are you spamming someone else's design? I didn't label anyone here as anti-religious. Read more carefully before you post a reactionary rant.

Chris Carney

J-Ray: Thanks for replying to my comment. I do not consider my comments on the paper ship to be a "reactionary rant" in any sense whatsoever. I am not "spamming" any ones design. I'm hopefully trying to give them some useful advice that might help them to improve their design in order that it might be printed. I think the way I've expressed my opinions have been reasonably civil and balanced. It is true to say you did not explicitly label Anyone anti-religious, but based upon what you did write I do not doubt that that was what you were strongly implying.


ya, text is a little too....churchy for me, i read God like 4 times, and church a couple of times


change the text. Cute design though!


Who would actually take the time to read this? You would have to hover your head 1" away from someone's belly button! The text doesn't matter, the design doesn't work on a shirt.

Chris Carney

The text matters as far as the voters are concerned. Therefore it matters

Not So Deep Blue

Cool idea, but the text does seem too religious.
still, it is pretty cool.

Chris Carney



i love this.
i really don't think if anybody buys this shirt people are going to come up and read the text on the paper boat.
that's not the important part.

i love it. $5


I like it, but, although you say the text doesn't mean anything, the shirt would be more popular if you decided to make the text mean something.

Also: i would want more water around the ship, it seems too isolated on the shirt, maybe have more "wave" lines further out?

Chris Carney

If the text is unimportant and means nothing and nobody is going to read it, then whats the problem with changing the text . I suspect the text is important to ahming86 despite what he says

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