This bird looks weird

  • by grejotte
  • posted Jan 01, 2008

This bird looks weird...

The first bird is cartoon style and the other was drawn like a kid drawing. So the cartoon one's wondering why the other one looks so weird...

Watch this

This bird looks weird...
The first bird is cartoon style and the other was drawn like a kid drawing. So the cartoon one's wondering why the other one looks so weird...


cute. you could take it even further and add a photorealistic one to the left of the cartoon


Actually that would be good what aprettiergreen said...If you had three stages...the photorealistic one looking at the cartoon, and the cartoon looking at the sketch....


Hmm that's a good idea for the photorealistic one. The three stages too sounds good, but maybe we wouldnt be sure now which bird is supposed to be like, the normal one? But I still like the idea.
Thx for the comments!


^ i like the three bird idea.

this is cute tho


yes!! it reminds me of the short film thing in monsters inc. "For the birds"


I'd have two or three of the cartoon birds. It emphasizes which bird is the abnormal one

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yeah i like the idea of adding aphotorealistic bird but i don't know how this would look with three elements. threes in designs are sort of weird because they invoke so many messages that you might not want to send, like that typical "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil".

i think that the difference between the two birds you already have should be even more exagerated. also having them the same colour when they are both actually cartoonish looking doesn't seperate them enough.

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also, question marks in designs are really redundant most of the time. the bird's expression already reads "WTF?" you don't have to write it out for us. that message is cute and good as is. (FACE)


Thanks for the comments all! I agree with you all. Maybe 2 or 3 cartoon birds, and 1 childish. Maybe I should have put the childish one with no colors? Like all white? What do you think?


ah haha, this is funny, reminds me as for the birds as well


Oh! It's so funny! 5 $ I love it :)


i instantly thought that a photorealistic or photo of a bird would be a good idea. however, not 3 or more birds.

i think you should have only one of either the cartoon bird or the child drawn bird, who is looking weird at the second bird, which would be a photo-bird.

PLUS, maybe even have a photorealistic hand with a crayon drawing the first bird, and as suggested, make the expression really obvious.

canon chhoun

I like it. no need to change it or anything, i give it a 5. good job


i love this
placement on the bottom is best to me.


high placement, please!


Would also work with three or so cartoon birds trying to figure out why a child-drawing bird is coming from one side and a photorealistic bird from the other...

I like it as is though. :)




the bird on the left looks like the bird from the fox and the hound!


I love it! please don't change it at all! 5 and buy (not for me, unless it came in darker colors, but for my cousins for sure).
Please don't make it photographic, then it might lose its effect!


very cute.


Thx for the comments all.
I might add one cartoon bird only, or two, but I think two others would be too much and would shrink the image too much...
I thought also maybe I could replace de wire by a branch? Or maybe they should be put on the ground? What do you think?


there should be a third proper that is a real-looking bird and no question mark


Cool shirt for a girl ! So cute :)


I think it's great just how it is - a realistic looking bird would detract from it's charm... I'd wear it - high placement I think :-) Cute design


Closer to the bottom looks a little better

Mr Rock

I think jonathani1's suggestion of more cartoon birds would work really well. Great concept. I like it.


I really like it, well done.

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