Does anyone know this car?

I got this picture in some junk email the other day and liked the car. Would someone be able to help me and tell me what car it is please?

Thank you x

Watch this

Thanks. Its kinda hard to tell cos no badge.


Jaguar XJS with headlights and bonnet (hood) modified I think.


Looks a bit like a fucked up Jaguar XJ-S:


hahaha - good call, squirrel...


Probably some Japanese import. Subaru Seppuku or something.


These cars are not as good as they look; they're actually a bag o shyte. But pretty.


oh cool. I cant even drive so im not gonna get one. Just though it looked nice.
I want a chevy really but id probably have to get it imported as im in the uk.

thanks for your help

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Not even pretty. They look like the kind of car where there's some idiot behind the wheel who plays his crap music too loud and drives the same circle through town over and over again shouting 'look at my ugly car bitches...'

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