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Simulated Process

Here it is a version where you could see the whole work with detail!!!


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Simulated Process

Here it is a version where you could see the whole work with detail!!!



looks like a shirt for some geeky dungeons and dragons fan.


Dungeons & Dragons???


This is great!!! $5!!!


$555 Man this is GREAT!!!!!!!! I mean, PRINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


more like Star Wars sci-fi fan, which i am...incredible detail, great illustration...i just don't know how well it works on's more of a poster kind of print because there's no 'joke' or 'message''s just "beautiful planet sunrise"

you get a 5 just b/c it's beautiful.




fuckin' great!


well, geeky dungeons and dragons fans are rad in my book (and i don't see a dragon on this shirt anywhere)

but i like this shirt either way...


This is beautiful but it feels more like a shirt you'd by at a science museum rather then Threadless.


Thanks to all!!! I appreciate your comments!!!


Pooner must have gotten pwned by a 1st level thief when he was little and never got over it. This design is seriously sweet. $5!


uhmmm I think my sister had a shirt like that when she was in like 4th grade.
she is in college now.


in the mall??? That is just hilarious!!! Constructive critiques not just4th grade occurrences from girls just comment without having one single design!!! Jajajaja ; ) Not offense taken it is just hilarious your comments and someone needs to tell you you are just funny jajajaja


just because some one hasn't made a design doesn't mean that they don't know what they've seen
I like the design
but it reminds me of something i've seen in like a space museum
its a great design i'm just not sure of it on teeshirt


Is this type of style and design something that Threadless would regard as "printable" based on their own guidelines? I think it is a little too large for my taste and I'm concerned that the colors are a little too screened thus making each of the variations of the colors a different color of its own, and you are only able to use up to 8 different colors. Good luck though, it's pretty, just not sure that it's a threadless T.

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

yeah, it's lovely and all but it certainly doesn't scream individuality.
it's dull, it's something i've seen before a thousand times and i've seen it done better by the way, and it just isn't threadless material.

it's weird on a shirt, and i have seen it in malls before.


For some reason this reminds me of Black Holes and Revelations. Nice job, and very pleasant looking, but not particularly interesting.


Really well done and all art wise....but it's too museum souvenir shirt to me.


what is this classified as? I though u were only allowed 8 colors, by the way, ur designs are so cool, those flares look tight


yeah...that's what i mean morozco.


it reminds me a space museum too. -maybe because its space?! I love it. Some one said that it should be a poster instead of a shirt becuase it doesnt have a joke or meaning, its just beautiful...

WTF?! Print it please.


my girlfriend and i were sitting at home, looking at designs, and this one came up. here is what she said, and i quote: "if i could, like, record a fart, and post it on there as my comment, i would."
i apologize for the lack of constructive criticism in that comment and would like to add that you captured some great detail in your design, but i can't help but agree with my girlfriend on this one.


It's amazingly pretty, but thats not enough to make me buy it.


Hey Chris & Jeffrey!!! Tanks so much!!!


your design is pretty, but your comments make you look like an ass. Just so you know.


cues pink floyd and waits for the lazer light show


I've been away for a while, so I probably haven't caught all the rules changes; in addition to the raised color limit, has Threadless started accepting and printing gradients now?


i dont think you can print more than 5 colors... unless vixyish is right and rules have been changing. great design, not my thing but well done


Thanks for your comment Joseph!!!


go space!


Thanks Ellen & J-Ray!!!


jeez man're really sweatin on these comments eh! just relax.. and if someone thinks it looks like something that a 4th grade D&D player bought from the Space Museum Mall in '85, then it is like something a 4th grade D&D player bought from the Space Museum Mall in '85. The design should be fine to print in simulated process as you have stated at the top. But the question is, SHOULD IT BE PRINTED??? DID you design and draw this? that is my question. I would give this to my cousin. He loves all that wizards holding glowing orbs and dragons and howling wolves and crystal balls and stuff.


Lol sweatin!!! I am relaxed it is just that is very easy to make comments without taking time to "get into" the design or work of someone; it is easy to say: Hey tha really suck when the people who told you that does not have not even one design, iluustration or draw up... I was like mmm this puere envy or just dumb offensive... this is not right, Anyway I am happy with my work and I just want to share it and receive good feedback and now if I get non sense comments well it i just that jajajaja I appreciate your comment and well the ANSWER TO YOUR QUESTION IS : YES I DESIGNED-DRAW THIS!!!!!!! I do not if it this is going to be printed, it depends in many things right??? ; )




Dunno if you could next time make the full preview bigger, it's way too small. You can only see bits. However, I don't think space-scapes are really good for tees. Don't get me wrong, I love making them, but I don't think they suit these kind of t-shirts.


I like don't always need a joke or a message on a shirt


The thing is the job of voters and critiquers is not to 'get into' someone's process. You got honest opinions, which I think can be worth more than design tips.

I love the picture, but I wouldn't wear it. Why should threadless print this shirt when there are a horde more like it? Work on a concept, something new and exciting, that no oelse has done before. An idea so good you can't even find your socks because they have been rocked off. Then I'm sure you'll make a masterpiece of shirtliness.


thats so true Dabem. I'm trying to be nasty, but just because someone does not have a design or illustration up, doesnt mean they can't have input or opinion about what they like. People who dont have submissions also buy and wear tshirts. I would expext that the majority of shirts sold and worn here, are by people who do not submit designs.

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