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  • posted Dec 25, 2007

Watch this

This is really sweet. The only thing I could say is perphaps you could have the colors coming off of the crayons and blending into the different parts of the dude. Maybe with a transparent water based ink so it goes overtop the design and adds to the drowning effect. Great first sub. 4


It's a cool design, but I don't like the colours on the guys arms. looks like he just stepped out of a sauna into a freezer.

Hi my name is

NICE ILLO! what a bad sun burn he has


Nice rendering. For some reason, I can't get "Take on me" out of my head...


awesome. I really like this. I agree with having a different color for the skin-tone, but the illo is fantastic


well, hey maybe a peach coloured crayon was unavailable at the time of conception for this ultimately doomed man, therefore the only viable alternative was pinkish red sunburn look. i like it

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interesting style and colouring approach but for the lack of a better word i find this a bit harsh looking on a shirt.
might be the dark t-shirt colour though...


nice!... careful posting on 2 sites at once though.

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didnt this recently go up at dbh?


am i the only one that doesn't get it? D:


i love this t for some add reason
i'd buy it!


I'd buy this definitely. Just change the colour of the boy's skin please. he looks burnt.


I agree with the first person... connect the colors from the crayons to the guy. But I really like the texture of the design... 4


Looks awesome!




I have a feeling that 80% of the people who commented here don't get this shirt...

I LOVE the concept, pretty true to life, but would be more believable if you didn't have that tan/brown crayon, because w/ that it can't be called desperate...I would've used the brown for the skin...

Do NOT change the pink skin...obviously that's the point of "desperate."

Or am I wrong...someone confirm...


if youre the only one that "gets it" please explain to the rest of us.


Id love it even more if you'd drop the falling guy. I mean those crayons are insane!

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this is an incredible rendering, i jus don't know how viable it is as a t shirt.

you need something to connect the crayons and the guy falling.


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