what is the printed design with the lowest score?

does anybody know?

Watch this
hagit hash
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dude, that's old....

hagit hash
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i thought that this one

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there's loads that scored under 2

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you appear to be the happiest person in the world

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this is pretty lo

lapis armenus

this gives me hopes

maybe that is bad thing
i dunno

Dark Semanyk

Then again, there are some designs I have seen score a 2.5 and don't get printed at all -- I honestly think its all what Threadless thinks will be popular on clothing, regardless if the design itself scores low or high.


Really? You bumped this like a thousand days later???


Oh but this blog is interesting. I had no idea they printed some designs that scored so low.


Of course it's about what Threadless thinks would be popular. They couldn't possibly print every design that scores over a 2.5. I don't think 2.5 is really in the "this might print" range any more. By which I mean, it still might, but you really need to hit over a 3 nowadays to be in with a real hope. And even then maybe not.

I would have thought the lowest was this one, because it dropped early even. But I'd never seen that sorrow bird one before.

robber ducky

Probably this:

Pop Life is probably the only printed Loves challenge design that finished early, in fact, it may be the only finished early design ever printed.

If you'd like to see more low scoring printed designs, read this blog: 250_Under_a_2_5_Printed_Designs_History_D

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