fifi is tempted

lets hope she doesnt destroy the shirt.

4 colors

Watch this

lets hope she doesnt destroy the shirt.
4 colors


Nice fun concept with a pretty good execution. Could the thead be embroidered? I was thinking a 4 but I think I got to do the $5. This is awesome and hopefully a print.


I love anything with cats, esp cute ones!! Would buy immediately!


$5 but maybe the thread should ful with color...

John Holland

I like the idea of the thread being embroidered, too...

The Jolly Brewer

I like this but it just looks a little bit to much like a live trace or photoshop posterisation to me. Many apologies if I am wrong.

I think with a better execution it would look great.


phoebe man

this is a nice design. i agree that the thread would look nice embroidered, maybe even having a stitch effect instead of being solid. $4

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I love this look on cat's faces and playing with string with them, but the string looks really strange in that color and how it's drawn.


The cat's front legs look odd to me.


yeah, the firs thing i thought just from the thumbnail was livetrace. also the string could be a little more exciting, like maybe in swirls or forming a cool shape or something 2


Cats don't have blue eyes, do they? Except when they're kittens, which this cat doesn't look like. The eyes just look weird to me. Maybe greeny-yellow :P

Or. Just ignore me. :'D

But I do love it! Its face is so cute.


i originally painted it with green eyes. but when i put it on the computer, i changed the color.


i think the cat should be looking at the string if he's really tempted.

random hero444

this is a great design/ title but i think the only thing it needs is what pinup- artist said. make the string more detailed or perhaps do it in the style of the cat.


Ok this is hilarious...because it is both like my cat and how I would be as a cat...

I would stare down the string and then spaz out and attack it....



i would honestly buy this. 3$


and then i would lying-ly buy this.


as an owner of 4 cats, this is adorable!


killer tatts dawg...hahahahah

snow day.

I would buy this $5


almost wish the string wasn't see-thru, but i guess not.
really cool.


This is a cute idea and design, but I wouldn't want to wear a cat...


Siamese and related cats have blue eyes as adults, as do some white cats. Turquoise, no. The cat reminds me of both of mine when they are trying to think about two things at once. Embroidered string would be nice touch.

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