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Meashirt is designed to be worn while you're cooking, designing, building, dating, really anywhere you need quick measurements and conversions at the ready. All the figures are printed upside-down so you can read them while it's on. It's the ultimate symbol that says "Look out, world. I'm wearing this shirt for me."

Watch this

Unfortunately there's a mistake on the chart. 64oz does not equal a gallon. Perhaps I'm reading the chart wrong, but it doesn't seem like it. Either way, 4 quarts isn't 64oz either.... double that.

Royal Sapien
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Damn, you're right! Messed up the easiest one.


niiiiiiice! g'job ben! it's quite clever

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super interesting desing!!! well done!

jenna lenenna

I wonder if someone would be allowed to wear this shirt during a test...


still creative though!! about wearing it during a test.... i'll try it out... haha :)


lol! i love the idea :)
yes please, somebody wear it into a math exam :P


this is great idea, does anyone know of one with physics constants on it, pi, e, mu, c, hbar?


i think it's super clever and i would totally use it! but there is not much use if some of the conversions are incorrect (as noted by some users above). is there any chance that this will be reprinted correctly sometime soon?


When I first saw this i thought,
"Why would anyone want a shirt with upside down nutrition facts??"

Then I read your summary of it,
and found that it is an AMAZING idea!!

I would love to have this on a math test or something.

Great idea.
I love, love, love it.


Do the prints get stretched depending on the size? The ruler wouldn't be too accurate if it's larger on the XL than the S. I guess it's the in-cm conversion that's more important than the absolute scale.


lol i can see myself wearing this now when i have a science test


this tee has now corrupted our minds...

it has made us lazier!!! lol :]

i LOVE it.


I agree with most people's criticisms: if you moved the design down and made the necessary corrections, I'd buy this t-shirt for myself and my more absent-minded friends -- clever design and I love the functionality. I agree with you about the placement of the rulers, though -- good thinking!


1 gallon is 128 fl. oz. which is the only incorrect measure. Still a clever shirt.

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