Sock Monkey!

now seriously, who doesn't like a sock monkey

Watch this
random hero444

now seriously, who doesn't like a sock monkey


i like it


this looks like the eye candy "weave" filter in photoshop.

random hero444

no this is no mere filter. this was all done in illustrator

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nice style to the stitching, although not a buy from me. But way to incorporate an artistic style that matches u with the subject quite well.


nice technique! I can appreciate the amount of time it must have taken you, but I feel like the whole deign could use more ooomph.... 4 for effort tho :)


I love sock monkeys and just had to see what you did.. but it's somewhat disappointing. Perhaps you need a concept.


I agree that the design is lacking something. But I assure you that I'd wear it anyways.
I love sock monkeys!


i really do like it, but it doesn't seem very original. i feel like i've seen it before. good design overall though.


I like it because it's simple and yet intricate at the same time. It looks really nice off center on that dark grey. Well done.


Hey, that's pretty cool! Looks like needlepoint done with thick yarn! I like it! I want this shirt!


hmmm... once again my posts don't seem to be coming through. I wrote that this is very cool. Looks like needlepoint down with very thick yarn. Clever! This a very distinct design idea, and I want to own the shirt!


i love the texture and i would definitely wear this.. $5


Wouldn't wear it but really it. Print er up!

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