• by skaw
  • posted May 18, 2006

Watch this
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Then don't buy it.

It's that simple.



andddd.....it.......goes....on your.....butt

I'm not a fan either


I agree. It's pretty lame.


i'm not a fan of potty humor, but this doesnt fall in that category for me. i like its mouth.


uh yeah, i think it's cute and kind of funny. other people like it.

i'd never wear it though


can't wait to se the product pics of this shirt...




Woah, silverfirebolt...you mean...that's an option????


I actually want to know who is going to go out a buy a shirt will a cleft lipped soap asking people to rub them on viewing public's collective ass.


hey just wait and look at the availability of it after a few weeks then we can all judge it to be worthy of the masses

for me my little pony is a wicked t-shirt but still has not sold out


Perhaps I am outside the social norm, but deformed soap really just don't do it for me.

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

Im a mans man, im not bicurious so i cant wear this.
no really though i couldnt see myself paying money for this, maybe from a thrift store?

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

i like it. It pulls off the cute/ disturbing thing without being a cliché teddy bear or little girl with a knife or some crap like that.


talking soap is a cute idea but i dont want a shirt asking anything to be rubbed on my butt

scoutti profile pic Alumni

jess is very talented and cute+disturbing/gross is her speciality.


tesco profile pic Alumni

she's an awesome artist, I wouldnt wear any of her shirts but I can see the appeal. what she does, she does very well.

staffell profile pic Alumni

its a load of bollox. Art is art, tshirts are tshirts.

staffell profile pic Alumni

the bollox points towards the tee side, not her art btw^

catdogpigduck profile pic Alumni

Finkenstein will bodyslam you with her art muscle

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

But...you own Nice Boobies. Isn't that slight potty humor?

stickymike profile pic Alumni

Yeh I think your guys are overanalyzing this....

and if you dont rub soap on your butt.....well...im sorry for the people around you

Jess is a kickass artist, and this shirt is way awesome. deal


i kinda think it's dumb too... but at the same time a lot of the shirts i wish WOULD get printed are considered "too creepy" in the popular vote... all i'm saying is that there's already plenty of shirts for the majority-of-buyers... and they're missing out on a lot of sales to the "creepy people", the "dumb-sense-of-humour people", and a lot of other niche groups that are small enough to be overlooked most of the time, but if you throw 'em a bone every so often, they'll pounce all over it.

good to see that they try to print a little something for everyone, i suppose.

hey, didja ever get my email?


too bad if you get arrested wearing this shirt...


"I actually want to know who is going to go out a buy a shirt will a cleft lipped soap asking people to rub them on viewing public's collective ass. "

i think you took a little far with the cleft lipped comment. whether you like the shirt or not, a cleft lip (which i wouldn't classify a cartoon as having) is nothing to be scoffed at.

"deformed soap" ... pssh. deformities are cool.


Granted this is a funny shirt, I think I would of rather seen soemthing else printed, design wise it's not so stellar. But live and let live, I don't mind it much, I jsut wont be buying.

hogboy profile pic Alumni

So no to potty humour, but yes to booby humour? Theres about 2.5 foot gap between those two.


Oh my, everyone is kind of worked up. I just don't like the shirt, I'm not going to buy it, and moreover, now I understand it's appeal, the purpose of my post.

Jett, I did get your email, but I couldn't download the movie, however, I did find it somewhere else, as well as "der fueher's face" with Donald duck? Great.

Narcissus: I don't at all scoff at people with cleft lips, but I just don't think soaps with them are cute. And I do think he has a cleft lip.

hogboy profile pic Alumni

I kinda like the design but not for me, it's too like something I'd have my 5 yr old dressed in.


yeah, i was wondering if i may have screwed up my upload. guess i did. let me try again with a couple of other ones... Der Fueher's Face is a pretty tame one. :P


Ha, 2.5. Aside from how funny I think that is, I think there is a vast difference between the soap and the birds. I'll think of a way to articulate it..later. But There is definetly a difference.


Jett - I've only really seen Fueher's Face, Hitler's Children and Coal Black.

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

something about those titles scares me a bit, I have no clue what youre talking about though

mad cat

If you didn't hate the shirt and want to attack it, you should have written your post differently. If you wanted simply to understand the appeal of the shirt that is what your posts should have said. If you didn't want to offend people who like the shirt, you shouldn't have said offensive things.

You want to know who will buy it? I will.
And let it be known, I hate potty humor. Sometimes I don't like Jess poop comedy. But this isn't potty humor. It's just an anthropomorphic soap stating it's job.
I would't classify Nice Boobies as potty humor either, but it is sexual display and humor, which can be worse.
Nice Boobies (which I also own and love) is much more vulgar then Lil Soap because of it's audience participation. Not only must the non-wearer stare at the wearers breasts, but the wearer must also state the name of the shirt for everyone to get the joke. Great joke, I think.
The only thing I don't like about 'Lil soap is that the girls shirt is printed on pink. Just like Jess's other shirt. I wish that the colors weren't so gender specific.


i agree, its lame potty humor, and i would have expected higher standards for what they print. i geuss it just comes down to the amount of people that will buy it.
i have not problems with the designer, i like her work. just not this specific piece.


Mad cat, I understand the joke of the soap, in it's truth, that [haha] you rub soap on your butt. However, I just don't think that's funny.

Also, really the only thing in post post that I consider 'offensive', or could be contrived as such, is the word 'hate', which I will change.

I really have no problems with anyone or anything, aside from the fact that this shirt isn't funny. I don't think.


gosh, it's a stupid shirt with a cute cartoon. bfd. I think threadless just likes to stick it to the predictions bloggers.


wow, i love how you whine about this shirt when you have the stupid boobies shirt.

stickymike profile pic Alumni


fucking told


People may not think the shirt is funny, but i want it because when i saw it i said "what the fuck...?".

I want other people to enjoy that aswell. That way i can laugh at their reaction when they do.



I don't own 'Nice boobies' but I can see its appeal more than with this shirt. 'Nice boobies' is different in that it doesn't literally say anything offensive.

Also, I'd personally rather think about attractive bosoms than unwashed bottoms.


this shirt is great!


the art is very cookie loves milk... yet less cute..

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