All Will Be Consumed

The latin at top says Time devours all.

At bottom, I eat therefore I am....

Everything is subject to consumption, destruction, transmutation, digestion and reinvention.

An infinite cycle with no origin or end. The old god creates life from waste...Feeds and forms it with ideas and nutrients...The Life destroys itself with this knowledge, and is consumed again. The snake eats its tail. Elements revert to lead. Matter is created and destroyed endlessly. Even the Old God is not immune to time itself, who devours him as he is forgotten by those he creates.

You can believe all that heavy jazz, or you can enjoy the fact that the old god looks like a cross between Pikachu and Godzilla, has nipples, and is pooting.

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travis76 profile pic Alumni

2.20... oooooh damn. ah well. better than a 2........heh.

ladrones profile pic Alumni

too cool 5 school!

polynothing profile pic Alumni

I had no idea it was you, but that score is lame compared to what the sub really deserved! Nice break from your usual style :)

r.o.b.o.t.i.c.octopus profile pic Alumni

so your experiment pretty much proves that once you have an established NAME (and style) that people will care about that NAME in relation to the a a BRAND NAME if you will. if you're like Josh Agerstrand and don't really change too much about your espablished style and still switch names, people will know that it's still josh and flood him with votes and praise. Your experiment proves that this is half (or more) a popularity contest. which is what i have been saying all along.

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

it's got a good score but it deserved so much fucking higher. christ
print this sucker.


Damn, I wish I saw this when scoring was open! This is amazing1


print please?

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