Dangerous Friends

I find creatures that are beautiful but deadly strangely appealing. Hopefully these three will swim without stinging your chest :)

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I find creatures that are beautiful but deadly strangely appealing. Hopefully these three will swim without stinging your chest :)


The Steve Irwin Memorial shirt! Rockin... seriously, cute design, though it feels like it needs something just a little more...


I love the random red... Looks good on the pink and would also look good on that teal color from the close up :) 5$


I love it, $5, although the center placement seems to take something away. I like it on the blue, the red works nicely against it. Great line work.


wow the lines are so elegant and graceful, this is a superb illustration, i agree though the center placement leaves me wanting more, what about twice as big placed on the lower side near the hips and let it run up toward the arm and the front?

even still this is one of thebetter designs ive seen in a while..

Bio-bot 9000
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I'm not really digging the red marks on the fins. they make each ray seem unbalanced.


great illustration - I'd look into better shirt combos, though. They just seem placed as opposed to looking natural.


they remind me of roses.

would look wicked hot as roses though i will say.


oh... they're stingray... i thought they were hankies from the pic but i have to say they are 67 times better as what they are now. dangerous hankies dont seem as mystical. love it 5$


Beautiful design. The cream and the blue work best. $5.


cheers guys for the comments so far. I agree- the placement doesn't feel quite right- I've blown it up so it takes up a larger area, but still kept it centred.... I'll post a link very soon. Just got back from a camping trip and am feeling technology-illiterate, so will try and so it as soon as possible.

:) Dangerous hankies.

Gras and Elo

I like the pattern inside the sting ray. 4$


it needs different colors for the shirt, maybe like dark blue... awsome though


I've tried darker colours for the shirt (ie navy) and it doesn't work as well- the line work dissapears and if I change it from black to a lighter colour then it looses most of it's impact.. considering it's a pretty delicate design anyway that's saying alot.
I personally like the cream and the blue, but keep the comments coming and I'll make changes as they're needed :)


You've got me searching for breasts... dammit. I cannae find them !!


I like the idea. I think they are too close together which is a bit confusing at the first glance. Maybe move the three shapes slightly further apart?

Bio-bot 9000
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cartilaginous fish don't have breasts!

well, maybe nurse sharks.

ba dum.



its a cool shirt, the red is sorta bothersome


Nice. Are they manta rays or some sort of specific stingray? Just being nerdy because they sort of look like manta rays but mantas aren't exactly deadly.
I'm not a fan of the red or the pattern but I love the theme..


all it needs is steve irwin with a spear gun lolol jk its great the stingras look awsome


i like it on light blue. the pink and yellow don't do it for me. 5$ on blue! :)


i would kill for it on a darker colour! (never was a pastels person)...


bluewater: these were just your average stingray, sorry I don't know more about the breeds- I can see your a seacreature lover.'

Thanks for the comments everyone- keep them up.


i saw an eagle manta ray while diving once... this shirt reminds me of that experience. i want it now.

Velvet Jones

Man, this thing needs to be huge!
Make it bigger to where it bleeds onto the neck & shoulder line and it's ftw!

Velvet Jones

Also, put it on an aqua shirt, like your background. That's the best color for that combination.


Velvet Jones; yeh I agree. Larger is better. Blue is the go. I'll do it now and post a link.

More comments lads :)


Chelly you're amazing. Haha. Thankyou

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my only problem with it is that they aren't a particulary dangerous type of ray.


Hmm... this makes me angry. Let's just say.... if you got a barb in your eye then it would probably puncture your brain and then you would cry a bit and eventually.... most definately.... die.

Woo for saving concepts!


Cool. It's actually a pretty nice design. Good work!


This is really sweet. Print it on black and I would buy 2 of them!!!

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