Still "First Editions"?

I too noticed the stock chart for this shirt and 2 others suddenly jump back to full stock. My question is... is this an official reprint, or not? In other words, will the tag still say "1st edition" on the back? Call it trivial, but I like the fact of having first edition shirts... it just makes them that more special to me :)

Watch this

yes.. they're not reprints. they're just extra shirts from stock checks or from the store, etc.


They are full on reprints. Hence, no 1st edition tag.


I trust the guy with the red name...


Workin' out the kinks.

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I just got the official reprint email!

So that means there will be no more "1st editions". Sorry mate.

I have to say I am a bit curious about all the "kinks", anyone care to tell me more? I'd really love to know all I can about the business.


yeah i'm stupid and didn't check the actual product page.. from the original post it sounded like a stock flucation.

ignore me :P


That's cool. I mean, I'll still be buying it either way... I was just curious.

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