Arm Wrestling

Extinction Theory #53: Primates arm-wrestled the dinosaurs to death.

(The tyrannosaurus has the coffee and cigar because he needs stimulants to keep up with the mammals. But mostly I wanted an excuse to do a smoking dinosaur.)

See the bigger version of this design:

Watch this

so the cigar is not actually in his mouth?

I love the dinosaur with his arms broken off...
he's so sad...

Red Strychnine
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If it were actually in his mouth, I'd get angry hate-mail from Soccermoms screaming that it's corrupting their child and turning them to a life of sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll.

Think of it as a magic, floating cigar. Hovering mysteriously. Why? The world will never know!

farflung profile pic Alumni

great style!


I love your style more than just about any artist here
but that monkey's ass is just too much, 3

olie! profile pic Alumni

I will echo flourescentadolescent


fucking awesome. I love the Trex's coffe mug


... because he needs stimulants to keep up with the mammals

I know the feeling. :) $5


Youre the most depraved person I know Red! Thats why I love ya a whole bunch! Another awesome design girly!


i like the drawing, but i wouldn't wear a t-shirt with it on it.


Fantastic Drawing


OMG!! This is the best design EVER!! I'd so buy it!


this is absolutely hilarious!! oh my god i laughed out loud!


Amazing style and colors you haved selected!!! $5!!!


This is fantastic, concept, art, colours.. $5

Mad Dog Of Glory

I even love the word bubble + monkey - any chance he - she - it could put in an appearance somewhere else on the shirt?

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

just plain awesome


this is amazingly illustrated! I get the arangatang'll win
Good Karma=]

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