I don\'t really have much to say...The design is scaled down for this preview (but I\'m guessing most are anyway). I hope you like it!

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I don\'t really have much to say...The design is scaled down for this preview (but I\'m guessing most are anyway). I hope you like it!


Nice choice of colours.
But adding more to the design will make it more interesting.
If not, you might want to reconsider the placement of the flower on the shirt.


Bigger and at the bottom on the opposite side. (our left, shirt's right)


I'm not sure why my comment isnt showing up, but anyway...
Changed position, added some shooty stuff coming out of the's in the yellow colour, but I decided that i'd like it to be done in gold foil (both the yellow in the middle of the flower and the shooty stuff). Maybe silver foil on the black.


I think you should try to make the flowers a little more closed or more open. As it is right now, the flowers look a little too shaped by the corner of the shirt, even though you started out with the flower up in the other corner.

I like the colors though, and the shading :)

Please critique my designs as well:

We Cool
Original Salesman


...anyone else have any ideas? i want to fix as much at once as i can.


looks amazing on the black shirt
but it seems a little unbalanced. more visual weight in on the top/left petals than the bottom right
also i'd like to see this with softer edges.
if all goes well, i'd definitely consider buying this


this is a closeup on the lilly because i didn't change placement or anything about the shwooshy things. Actually i slightly changed the colour to be more golden (on both the swoosh and the middle) because i'd like those parts to be done in foil. basically...i didn't think the detail on it could be seen in my preview before. oh and i added some more purple to the petal outsides.


I made it a little more closed as per suggestion...i don't really like it, but maybe that's just me? tell me what you think.


This is way lovelier than the first version I saw :D


this is awesome but im a dude, maybe a unisex design?

thepuppydog26 might i make it more unisexy?


so...finally updating this again. i tried to change it a bit, it needs something but i don't know what. (the shoots and the middle of the flower are in gold foil so maybe that will make it pop, idk)


...bump? :)
I'd really love some feedback..


place it at the center may look good.


Might be more interesting if the petals filled up more of the shirt and less obviously a flower. So it was more abstract than anything else. But then again, i am a whore for abstract and cropped images.

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