Threadless sightings and secret handshakes...

Hey folks... I suppose I just wanted to comment on a strange occurrence, and then maybe make a suggestion.

So... when I first started buying Threadless shirts, I, like many of you, spent a lot of time looking at EVERY SINGLE SHIRT that was available for sale. Before I knew how to shop smart (shop S-Mart) and look at only shirts in my size, I was clicking on everything and anything. Each and every Threadless T is an important decision, you know?

Anyhow... as this virtual window shopping increased my knowledge of various Threadless designs, and after my first few shirts arrived, I noticed I had been imbued with a strange new power... THREADLESS VISION!!!

Now, I'm not going to over exaggerate here, but I probably saw 5 or 6 Threadless shirts on folks within the first couple weeks of having my own Threadless Ts. And since then I've seen many more, in cities all over the country from Chicago to San Francisco to Knoxville... it was everything I could do to resist shouting out... "HEY THREADLESS!!!"

I've shared this phenomena with a couple of my friends who are also big fans of Threadless and they've had similar if not identical experiences. They all wanted to shout at the person and recognize our shared affinity for the greatest T-Shirts in the world.

Here's where my modest proposal comes into play. I feel like we need some sort of subtle signal or secret handshake, just to say to our fellow Threadless denizens... "Hey... I like your style!"

But I don't know what said signal should be. Maybe some of you are creative with non-gang affiliated gang signs... or perhaps it could just be a quick secretive greeting like the Masons or Stonecutters have. Whatever. I just think we need one, so we can cut down on shouting at people just for wearing a t-shirt, but also so we can get the desire to compliment other Threadless customers out of our system.

Hmmm? Maybe???

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Neon Samurai

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You figure it out and I'm in.

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threadless need to include instructions on a postcard and send it out with every order

Nicky Banana

Yeah, exactly! Shoot out an email to all their subscribers, and add a little instructional diagram on the back of their stickers and voila!!!

Nicky Banana

Oh... Psssshhh... Too Right! But now, Threadless must embrace... THE SECRET HANDSHAKE


Nicky Banana

I didn't know Mini drivers do that... but that's Awesome! Yeah, I just feel like the Threadless community has such a good vibe, we deserve our own unique way to say "hey" to each other. That Mini thing is hecka cool though.


I always just end up saying, "I like your shirt." Or if I'm wearing one myself, saying, "Hey, Threadless!" And if they respond kindly, they get a high-five. ESPECIALLY if I'm wearing I High Five Strangers.


You and I both know, and my fellow believers here that this needs to be so the TL thing we discussed...but thats too simple. It needs to be origial and boss i might add ;)




We need to come up with one and then tell everyone.
that way if we do it people won't be like HUH?

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