Soaring Swineage

Gave this another try now that exams are finishing up. A few less piggies on the front with the rocket piggy zipping across the back

Lots of C&C please!

Watch this

Gave this another try now that exams are finishing up. A few less piggies on the front with the rocket piggy zipping across the back

Lots of C&C please!

caleb haws

you're still using copy/paste! this is the third time you've subbed this, so if you really want to take it over the top:

REMOVE your Ctrl, V, and C keys.


I love it! I could just imagine myself wearing it. I love anything with pigs. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!! This has got to be in print!!!!!!


that is a brilliant play on play on the expression. $5


Love the rocket pig, I smell bacon.


This one is so close! It has a wonderful storybook kinda feel to it that really gets diminished by the carbon-copy of the piggies. Take the other comments to heart and draw the other pigs as well. Finding some more things to add (like the flight goggles) to a couple others would be great.


I LOVE IT ^^ I would buy it.. Gave it 5.


copy paste is bad for your creative soul. make different piggys it's not that hard.


good & cute.


Bring this to the Critique section if you want some more helpful imput.

I'm not a fan of the crazy eyes, and there are still too many pigs for me. Cute idea though.


I agree that the arrow needs to go, but I love the concept, and your piggies are adorable.


The swirly arrow isn't part of the shirt it's to point from the larger image to the position on the back. Sounds like I'll need another try anyways


i personally like the copy&paste

makes it cuter/more cartoony


i like just the pig on the rocket on the front...less is more. ;)


$5 for the name


I love the concept and would buy it but there is still too much going on for me. I guess its the clouds that are doing it to me. $3


I like it conceptually, but agree that taking even more pigs off the front would be better. Probably some of the small ones. 10 pigs at most, and a little less than that would be perfect. Was the arrow on the back meant to be printed? It would be nicer if the arrow wasn't there. Otherwise, I like it. Oh, and the copy pasting is an issue here, too.


MEH! I'll give this a $5 when PIGS FLY!!

What? Oh right.... $5 IT IS THEN!


If you want so many pigs, edit them. Change the eyes, noses, parachutes... etc. I personally love the idea of having so many pigs on the shirt, but it will take a lot of work to make each one unique and have its own personality. However, If it is like an invasion of clone pigs, then go with it. Heck, add the words attack of the clone pigs, and I would totally buy it. But then, I'm probably the only one :P


why 3 of the same subb... not gonna get printed


I absolutely love this shirt!

Royal Rainbow.

on this kind of shirt I prefer the copy paste idea it gives me a sense of uniform among the pigs kinda like an invasion or something 5$

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