The Day the Music Died

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needs more detail, like actual "police: do not cross" on the yellow tape and more defined road cones.


shouldn't the police tape be around the chalk drawings? and maybe the cones around that?


The tape is being held up by poles coming out of the cones.

I like how you went for the implied lines and subtle detail, but i don't think its working for this design.


It's too hard to see the poles coming out of the cones. At first glance it looks jacked up. It's a neat design and idea, but I guess the background or pole colors should be different.


i love this idea. but i agree with the others- the execution is a bit lacking.

it could be set up in an actual setting like next to a fence where you could have caution tape streaming across to a tree or something and could still have it fade out to black like nothing else around it exists.
just a thought so good luck if you make changes!


I agree with the previous comments, and I'd also suggest some distressing on the chalk lines.


I agree with everyone else as well...I would DEFINITELY buy, but just change the pole colour and add maybe "crime scene" to the tape.


I agree with everyone else too. It's a GREAT idea, it just needs to be refined a bit. I definitely like the idea of smudging the chalk lines a bit.

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Yup, great idea, change what has already been said to change and there you go! You could even have a little radio skulking away as radio has been killing creative and clever music for years now.


maybe if you wrote 'caution' on the tape it would look better


agree with everyone else. great idea, but the poles need to be a different color. i had to stare at this for a few seconds before it made sense (which might just be me, but).


Same here


FA's idea of the radio really is frickin awesome.

Do that! :D

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