Kids wanna rock

Sometimes kids just wanna rock.

Watch this

i saw this some where......


Hahaha, classic, lol....


Maybe not so good, nice find mindtrance. Thing is I can still see people easily coming up with this concept, so maybe it's not a direct rip-off.


My daughter has a diaper shirt with this on it. To reiterate, it's already been done. Sorry.


yea, I'm not saying it's a ripoff, it's just been done before. I love it and would buy it for my gf's two boys.

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Ouch. I have to say I am sorry for that one. I had a few other kids rock tshirts that got rejected and really didn't think this would go through. Kinda wish it didn't now. What are ya gonna do. I'm sorry I never saw this before.


hahahahhaa oh slogan burn!



Andreas Mohacsy
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this is a really really really sweet idea:D

Andreas Mohacsy
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and even if it has been done and you didn't know your still a genius to me:D

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I was at Del Taco the other day and the drive through girl had a shirt that the concept, but it was TA / CO I asked if I could have one. But no luck.


You can buy this exact shirt in Brisbane Australia at the Valley Markets. Lots of good ideas have been had by more than one person but this one is already printed somewhere else.


I've seen a Sesame Street version with Elmo rocking out with a guitar. It's a shame, cos it is a really good idea, just people have had it before. Not accusing you of ripping any of these off.

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yeah, my gf's nephew has this shirt

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*joins the crowd


*takes flaming torch from eskimo and pitchfork from Jebbie just so our intentions here are not misconstrued.

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*stretches hand out and launches it towards jebbie's hand. misses like the clutz he is.

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Actually now that I think about this shirt. I believe I have it, my nieces and nephews have it and ironically my grandfather has it. He is an illiterate electrician.....maybe it made sense for him.

Thanks for making me laugh about my error. Only 5 more days unless someone can tell me how to take it down.


why taking it down...walk with pride! "dead man walking"...I really like the whole thing, I would buy it for my kiddo!! This was fun


ive seen this one before, sorry dude!

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beats a dead horse


Love it, but for me, not for a kid!

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I don't care if it's been done before, i like how you did it straight up in the AC/DC format instead of with broken pencils. Oh well, I just love when people do clever re-interpretations of iconography we all have ingrained in our heads...i don't believe in him as a vessel of god, but even the shirts that have JE/US, with the lightning bolt in the middle being an "s", is really inventive and awesome. Let's see what else you got my man...


very clever! i love it :)


soooo many ppl come up with this, kiddo
i can't believe you've never seen it before this


I've seen this on "Arthur".

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Well it isn't for everyone. I think you out grow this once you are fourteen. Once again I know it has been done. I am coming to grips with the fact that I am not as original as I had first thought. Just encourage you to read the comments above. Just mark it and quickly move on to more original designs that could use your kind critiques.


sorry but these shirts are sold all over Australia. Both my kids have one. Great idea, pity someone beat you to it.


Don't get down murray man, "great minds think alike" and all that. Just because it's been done doesn't mean you didn't think of it on your own. Just move on to the next desian and show those arseholes what's up.


hey man, i was just sayin'
and that slogan didn't win, but i didn't copy it
and obviously you didn't copy this beacuase it would be too obvious
but you can't knock me for giving you a zero
because that's the whole point of this scoring

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hahahaha. awesome:)


real funny but...MY BROTHER HAS THIS SHIRT le gasp!

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