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  • by aled
  • posted Nov 23, 2007

Hey! I'm really pleased that this was chosen to be printed. It's a deviation from my other printed style, and it's always nice to have a bit of variety. It all came about when I was just musing at how a rooster's comb looks like a punk mohawk. Not a groundbreaking revelation, I know, but as roosters are pretty bad-ass anyway, I thought I'd have a bit more fun with it. I sketched it in biro and vectorised the biro in two shades and it turned out alright. I'm glad people liked it, and I'm chuffed that it sold out in girly sizes first. Some of my other prints have been markedly more popular in guys sizes! Thanks again Threadless!

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Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

well that was misleading...

Great stuff Fatheed!


Congrats! I ordered this shirt, and I am very, very, very excited to recieve it in the mail. I think I'll wear it with my skinny jeans and Doc Martens :P

aled profile pic Alumni

Thanks guys! I just noticed that there are now more girly sizes in stock - so they either did a stock check or printed some more on the sly!

Laurent A

nice punky volatile


I got this for my birthdya and love it. I just went as a somewhat eighties rock/David Bowie character for halloween and plan to send in a pic like that in this shirt. Love it


sometimes i put my shirts in my mouth... and if i bought this shirt then i can say that i had fatheed's cock in my mouth


Hey Fatheed check the blogs - someone has just offered a $100 for my large cock !

aled profile pic Alumni

Haha. I know. I saw it already Spam - you'd be mad not to at that price. You might even be able to get more for it! Haggle!


No I couldn't do that I would feel bad. Besides I'm so bad @ haggling that I would probably end up with less the $10 I paid for it. How good does it feel to know that someone would pay $100 for a shirt YOU designed? You should be stoked.


It's a terrific design.

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

Of course it sold out in girly sizes first. What girl doesn't want a big cock on her chest? Don't answer that.


This is one of mine favorites in Threadless! Mine is just waiting for me to pick it up, bring it home and wear it. Awesome drawing, just love it :)


This is the best looking T-shirt EVER!!!


as a student at the university of south carolina and the only one of my friends who is into punk, i desperately need this shirt. threadless needs to reprint this soon so i can wear ti to every game next year.


I noticed that one of Alecs large cocks is doing quite well on Ebay @ the moment.

Man that never gets old.


I'm late to the game, but this is the bestest-estest shirt.


PLEASE reprint this! The Boy got wing sauce on his...and sent it through the dryer before he thought to call his mom for advice. We are very sad.

ounom profile pic Alumni


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Reprint reprint reprint!

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