Quit shaking us!

  • by fatboyjim
  • posted Nov 21, 2007

Well its nearly Christmas...

Watch this

Well its nearly Christmas...


hey my thoughts exactly whenever i imagine what those inside a snow globe would say lol $$$5

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I think this concept would be stronger with a child happily about to grab the snow globe again in the background, drawing his arm much longer than the rest of his body in the perspective it's in. I still like the idea, it just needs a bit more.


Great concept, but if it better conveyed the idea of Quit Shaking Us! that would greatly add to the execution. If he had lines near his head from the shaking or if everything was tilted and the snow globe had lines implying shaking that may do it.


Thanks for the comments, I have tried to convey that the globe had just been shaken by the tree decorations on the floor and the snowman without his eye, nose, hat and twig arm.


...and his sad mouth


I like it


i like it a lot too, but i think the boy as well needs some of his stuff scattered around, like gloves or an ice cream cone on the ground or something. good concept!

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...as always


man where do you come up with this stuff? you are amazing at making such simple shapes have so much expression...
you crack me up with this shit...

Captain Global

I think ya really need the text "Quit shaking us!" on the shirt somewhere.


Cute. I think the shaking could be conveyed by the ornaments smashed on the ground, and if the boy was dizzy.


maybe if the whole globe was tilted .... or the tree inside was leaning to one side ....

Or could you somehow have arms coming from round the shirt? But that might ruin the simplicty of the design, though, which I love ... or maybe you just need one hand reaching out/grasping the globe.

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